Are cell phones killing the next generation?

Mobile phones have long been the centre of debate. The first question was whether they would be viable. We now know they clearly are, as a large portion of the world carries one every day. The next issue concerned the effect mobiles would have on human life. Not simply in the sense of how texting and constant access to voice calls would affect the way we communicate with other people, but also how mobiles would affect our reproductive health.

Texting and voice calls are thriving, but what about your sperm? What effect does the cell phone that spends most of its life near your genitals have on your ability to reproduce? Studies have shown that sperm exposed to radiation, even from a phone as far away as a belt clip, are less mobile than normal sperm, and may even become inactive.

These studies have addressed both humans and animals, and have produced conclusive evidence that cell phone radiation can lead to the death or impairment of sperm, and therefore to lower fertility. For someone who is very fertile to start with, this reduction may not on its own seem like a major issue. However, if you factor in other influences such as poor diet, too much alcohol, smoking or too little exercise you may suddenly find yourself unable to reproduce due to a lack of motile sperm.

Once people are educated about the impact mobile phone radiation can have, the next question is what can they do about it? Changing the position of your cell phone is one option. But the studies on its effectiveness are inconclusive, and no one is sure whether a breast pocket is sufficiently far away to be safe.

There are pouches available that encase the phone and prevent it from leaking radiation, but often at the expense of receiving a phone signal plus these are often bulky and uncomfortable to use. Few people want to walk around with a lump of metal like a tank weighing down their pocket.

WaveWall is an innovative new case that gives the same protection but is sleek and easy to use. The patent-pending design has layers of metallic fibres sandwiched between leather and microfibre fabric. This flexible layer is so lightweight and comfortable you can’t even tell it is there. Yet it effectively dissipates the electromagnetic waves from your mobile and directs them away from your genitals, leaving you safe to carry your mobile at all times, whether for business or pleasure.

Cell phones have become integral to our lives; but don’t let them undermine the lives of future generations before they’re even born.

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