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Anti-radiation phone cases for iPhone 6 mobiles

In the world of mobile phones 2014 seems like an age ago. But it was the year the iPhone 6 debuted and it has been going strong ever since. It’s still a very popular phone loved by millions.

What about phone cases for iPhone 6 phones? Unfortunately, they haven’t kept up with the times. Warnings about the damage phones can do to people’s health have been around since long before 2014. But in the last few years they have increased, with more and more new studies coming out that show a link between the radiation mobile phones create and problems like cancer, tumours and male infertility.

What does this have to do with phone cases for iPhone 6 mobiles? Even older phones can get the latest innovative technology to protect you from mobile radiation. Like WaveWall Universal, a universal anti-radiation mobile phone case.

If you’re not sure what mobile radiation is or how a mobile phone case can help, see our anti radiation phone case masterpost.

With WaveWall Universal you just choose between two sizes, based on your screen size. Almost all makes and models of phone will fit, include the iPhone 6, making the Universal one of the top phone cases for iPhone 6.

The case protects your phone from scratches and drops, and protects you from mobile phone radiation. There’s also a handy section for your cards and they are protected too – from RFID scanning by thieves and identity fraudsters.

You can still use your phone as normal, receive and make calls, use your data and take photos. And live your life as normal, but with added protection for you and your iPhone 6.

Do you have a phone case for iPhone 6 that can block radiation? Did you know about all the problems with mobile phone radiation?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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One thought on “Anti-radiation phone cases for iPhone 6 mobiles

  1. OrionHopper says:

    Yes, iPhone today is the most searched and bought product in the 21st century as its brand value designs and features and various apps make it the no.1 mobile phone in this era. So its very much important to have its security as it’s not come so cheap.I believed that this anti-radiation phone cases will definitely cover a lot of portion of its protection issue because a friend of mine has an anti-radiation phone case for his iPhone from “Mobansp” and its been a long time now but the phone seems to be a new branded phone.If I will buy an iPhone someday I will definitely try yours as well.

    Thank you

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