Animal study shows link between mobile phones and cancer

Researchers at the National Toxicology Program, part of the National Institute of Health in the United States, have undertaken a huge animal testing study that shows a link between mobile phone radiation and cancer in rats.

A release of partial findings (available in PDF here) shows the very thorough and careful set up of the experiment. Radio frequencies were matched to comparable levels that human heavy mobile phone users would experience. The rats were subjected to these levels for nine hours a day and their progress monitored – even before being born. The whole body was exposed – not just the head – to reflect the way people carry their phone around their body and don’t just use it for calls.

The results showed the development of rare cancers in both the brains and hearts of the rats. As the radiation they were exposed to increased so did the incidences of tumours. None of the control rats, who were not exposed to any radiation, developed any tumours.

Especially troubling is that these results echo findings in other studies on humans that have shown the same types of rare tumours and cancers occurring.

Another area of concern – though not covered in this study – is the issues mobile phone radiation can cause with male infertility. WaveWall’s anti-radiation phone case blocks 85% of radiation from reaching the body and gives protection from these electromagnetic frequencies that cause infertility and cancers as shown in this latest study.

For extra protection around the head WaveWall has also launched its new Airtubes headphones. Even if using an anti-radiation case when you plug headphones in the radiation can be transmitted along the wires to the brain. The innovative Airtubes headphones stop the radiation in its tracks by getting rid of the wires – the tubes are hollow and the radiation cannot pass through. It puts a safe distance between your phone and your brain.

Are you concerned by these latest findings?

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