An iPhone 5 cover to protect your phone and you

The iPhone 5 may no longer be on the cutting edge but it’s still an incredibly popular phone. Prices can run upwards of £90 so a lot of us want to protect our investment with an iPhone 5 cover. But did you know you need protection from your phone too? And an iPhone 5 phone cover from WaveWall can help.

So what’s all this about needing protection from your phone?

Did you know that mobile phones emit radiation? Almost all electrical devices emit at least a little electromagnetic radiation. But mobile phones emit a lot, that’s what allows the phone to communicate with the network. It forms a field about six inches all around the phone. And that’s whenever the phone is switched on, not just when you are actively using it.

This radiation, like the related X-ray, can pass through the body. And an increasing number of scientific studies and medical research has shown that it damages DNA and cells when it does.

Damage to cells and DNA can cause cancers, tumours and even male infertility. The World Health Organisation categorised mobile phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” – acknowledging their ability to cause cancer.

Male infertility is also linked to mobile phones in many studies. One study even said mobile phone radiation was “cooking” sperm. The radiation damages the sperm to kill, corrupt or weaken them so that they are not viable and unable to fertilise an egg. Male infertility is on the rise all over the world and mobile phones may be a serious part of the problem.

So WaveWall developed a range of anti-radiation mobile phone cases. The cases block mobile phone radiation from reaching the body. So if you are in the market for an iPhone 5 cover, get one that won’t just protect your phone, but that will protect you too.

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