7 Natural Ways to Increase Fertility

Infertility is becoming more and more common among modern men–1 in 25 men are diagnosed as infertile–especially those who keep their phones in their front pockets. The mobile radiation emitted by cell phones is like poison to men’s magic juice.

But we can’t blame everything on mobile radiation. There are also some cases of infertility that can sometimes be turned around with a change of diet or a bit of exercise.

Here are 7 natural ways to increase your chances of becoming a successful babymaker:

Take control of your fertility by changing your lifestyle!

1. Quit Smoking

On top of all its other negative side-effects including cancer, smoking is also bad for your fertility. Smoking lowers the amount of a vital protein in sperm, which causes DNA damage, lowering the effectiveness of the sperm. In some cases even if the damaged sperm is able to fertilize an egg, miscarriage rates are much higher. Smoking is really bad for your health anyway, so quitting will help more than just your fertility.

2. Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol affects both male and female infertility since it has adverse effects on hormone levels in the body. For women, excessive intake of alcohol can cause imbalance of hormones that control the reproductive system and interrupt the cycle. For men, alcohol can lower the quality, mobility, and vitality of sperm–basically everything that makes sperm function! Most of the time the effects of alcohol on fertility can be cured, but in cases of long-term overuse, damage can be more permanent. Be aware of how much you are drinking and reduce your intake if you are trying to conceive!

3. Cut the Caffeine, Buy the Beer!

Surprisingly, many studies have shown that too much caffeine can lower your chances to 1 in 5 of becoming a dad, but replacing it with a little beer (22g) helped men become twice as likely to preggo the eggo. So buy a beer! But don’t drink a whole pack (see number 5).

4. Exercise

Men who exercise about 1 hour everyday have about 50% more sperm than those who exercise less. But be careful, there are also studies that stress staying away from bicycles… for obvious reasons.

5. Boxers vs. Briefs

Your manhood is very sensitive to temperature and needs to stay lower than body temperature in order to effectively produce sperm. Tighter briefs can overheat this area and can cause lower sperm counts. Looks like boxers win this one.

6. Don’t Overheat

Other ways to overheat your sensitive are are too spend too much time in saunas, taking hot baths, or too much physical effort. While it is difficult to avoid doing all of these things entirely, it is always better to exercise caution in regards to the duration.

7. Eat Organic

Avoid pesticides. Pesticides are xenoestrogens (DDT, plastics, and other pesticides) which mimic the effects of estrogen and lower sperm count and quality. Organic is the best option since it does not include these harmful pesticides. 


The healthier you are, the higher chances you have at boosting your fertility. Treat your body like your temple and then maybe one day you will have another body to treat like a temple. 


Do you know of more natural ways to boost fertility? 

Share in the comment section below! 



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