19% drop in motile sperm caused by cell phone use

The correlation between cell phone use and reduced fertility has been remarked on and confirmed in numerous scientific studies worldwide. Different approaches have been taken to try to establish a definitive answer to the question of how much harm cell phone radiation causes, but three common threads can be identified.

First, for men who carry their cell phone in a hip case or on a clip, the average result was an 11% fall in sperm count. Although 11% may not sound dramatic, for the many men who are already suffering reduced fertility, a further 11% fall can easily be sufficient to tip the balance against them being able to father children.

The second common theme is that there is a direct negative correlation between exposure to cell phone radiation and sperm viability. In other words, when scientists expose sperm to cell phone radiation, the sperm becomes less viable.

The third common theme is that there is a direct relationship between the length of exposure to cell phone radiation, and the amount of reduction in sperm quality. So the more hours you spend talking on the phone, the more your sperm will suffer a reduction in quality.

Cell phones and sperm are not friends

This can be illustrated by a study that spanned just five days. Sperm were tested at the outset of the test and again after five days of exposure to cell phone radiation. The resulting decline in sperm quality clearly showed that cell phones are a threat to fertility. Men who used their phone intensively via a Bluetooth device had an average 19% drop in motile sperm. While in another study, where men used their cell phone for an hour each day a fall in sperm mobility of 17% was recorded.

This all makes grim reading for men who rely on their cell phone for work, and who cannot realistically dispense with it.

But there is a solution, in the form of WaveWall.

WaveWall is a sleek leather case with a special layer of metallic fabric that disperses radiation before it reaches your genitals. WaveWall fits easily into your pocket and protects your sperm from the dangers of radiation.

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