WaveWall Sleep Application Instructions

  1. Use the included sticker to absorb any dust on the screen.
  2. Wipe your screen using the included lens wipe.
  3. Clean your screen using a soft microfibre (or similar) cloth and remove all residue
  4. Remove protective layer ONE (the layer is a thin plastic film and covers the whole screen protector – not just the sticker).
  5. Gently roll the protector down onto your screen bottom to top.
  6. Use the included yellow squeegee to push any bubbles to the edge and out from under the screen protector.
  7. Remove protective layer marked TWO.
  8. All done! There’s a second protector included free of charge in case you make a mistake!

The secret to a perfectly applied screen protector is having a perfectly clean screen. Air bubbles can easily be squeezed out using the squeegee but bubbles caused by dirt and dust will be stuck and can’t be removed!

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