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WHO phone radiation

WHO phone radiation

The World Health Organization covers an incredible range of illness, disease, health, and conditions in our world. They co-ordinate efforts between governments and on behalf of the UN from eradicating polio to preventing drowning, childbirth to aging, food safety to emergency response. The WHO even have work on cell phone radiation and electromagnetic fields. Which…

Children and Electromagnetic Radiation

Generation Zapped is a new film looking at the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Focussing on children and young people the documentary looks at all the different ways electromagnetic frequencies can harm us – from mobile radiation causing cancer and tumours to the widespread use of wireless networks in schools.

Industry going to court over mobile phone radiation warnings

The mobile phone industry is taking the city of Berkeley in California to court over compulsory warnings of mobile phone regulation.

When the law was brought in a legal challenge was immediately announced and the courts are now hearing the different sides of the argument.