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Anti-radiation phone cases for iPhone 6 mobiles

In the world of mobile phones 2014 seems like an age ago. But it was the year the iPhone 6 debuted and it has been going strong ever since. It’s still a very popular phone loved by millions.

What about phone cases for iPhone 6 phones? Unfortunately, they haven’t kept up with the times. Warnings about the damage phones can do to people’s health have been around since long before 2014. But in the last few years they have increased, with more and more new studies coming out that show a link between the radiation mobile phones create and problems like cancer, tumours and male infertility.

What does this have to do with phone cases for iPhone 6 mobiles? Even older phones can get the latest innovative technology to protect you from mobile radiation. Like WaveWall Universal, a universal anti-radiation mobile phone case.

If you’re not sure what mobile radiation is or how a mobile phone case can help, see our anti radiation phone case masterpost.

With WaveWall Universal you just choose between two sizes, based on your screen size. Almost all makes and models of phone will fit, include the iPhone 6, making the Universal one of the top phone cases for iPhone 6.

The case protects your phone from scratches and drops, and protects you from mobile phone radiation. There’s also a handy section for your cards and they are protected too – from RFID scanning by thieves and identity fraudsters.

You can still use your phone as normal, receive and make calls, use your data and take photos. And live your life as normal, but with added protection for you and your iPhone 6.

Do you have a phone case for iPhone 6 that can block radiation? Did you know about all the problems with mobile phone radiation?

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The best iPhone 5 covers

Looking for the best iPhone 5 covers? You’ve been trawling eBay and Amazon but you want something more than just a good looking phone cover, you want something of real substance.

You should have a look at WaveWall’s range of iPhone 5 covers. There’s the WaveWall Flip if you like a flip phone case and the WaveWall Universal. Best of all, they both come with innovative inbuilt anti-radiation EMF protection.

What is anti-radiation? Why do you need protecting from EMF?

Mobile phones use an electromagnetic frequency to communicate with the network, a form of radiation also known as mobile phone radiation. This has been linked in lots of medical and scientific studies to causing cancers, tumours and male infertility.

The World Health Organisation even categorised mobile phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” – meaning that they could cause cancer.

The mobile phone radiation passes through the body and damages cells and DNA. This damage can cause cells to become defective and cause tumours or cancers. Sperm are delicate and developing near to where a lot of men keep their mobile phones all day. The electromagnetic frequencies from a mobile phone can damage their growth or kill them. The more sperm this happens to the lower a man’s fertility will be. Male infertility is a huge problem. One in five otherwise healthy 18-25 year olds have abnormal sperm counts and are in danger of infertility.

WaveWall phone cases, including iPhone 5 covers, use special shielding to deflect the radiation away from the body. You can use your phone as normal but it will block 86% of the radiation from reaching your body.

So if you are looking for iPhone 5 covers choose one that will look good and protect you from mobile phone radiation.

Photo by Samson Vowles on Unsplash


Is There Bias in Mobile Phone Radiation Studies?

The All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) has said mobile phone research may be compromised by the funding of the studies.

Mobile phone use is booming in India, and all around the world. With a huge and growing population research is desperately needed to understand the full effect of mobile phone radiation – and how it can be avoided. But not all research is equal.

The study by AIIMS shows a clear difference in the findings of research on mobile phone radiation depending on who has funded the research. It might surprise most of us that research is regularly funded by interested parties. It seems like a conflict of interest but is true in all different industries and telecoms is no different.

AIIMS looked at 22 different studies from around the world to compare the findings and how they were funded. There were three categories – government funded, mobile phone industry funded and mixed government-phone industry funding. Each study was assigned a quality score based on the methodology involved, including being free from bias.

It’s not surprising that while the government funded research came out with higher – better – quality scores of an average of 8, the industry and mixed studies scored 5 or 6. Plus the scientists found that government funded studies were more likely to show harm was being done, but the others emphasised protection.

This sort of bias is not the only problem when it comes to evaluating research on mobile phone radiation. Most research uses the example of an adult male and safety standards are matched to this example too. But there are more women and children around than adult men, so how mobile phone radiation might affect them is less clear and could be very different.

For example, the “safe” amount of radiation for a phone to give off is decided by how far into the brain this radiation passes. But the same distance for an adult head is a completely different proportion of a child’s head.

There is also the difficulty of finding long term information on a technology that has only been around for a few decades. In its present form the real blanketing of mobile networks and wifi has only been around for ten years or so. What harm might be caused in the long term?

Clearly more and better quality research is needed – large scale, long term, unbiased studies. You don’t have to wait for the government or the mobile phone industry to protect you though. WaveWall has a range of anti-radiation mobile phone cases to shield you from mobile phone radiation, as well as the innovative Airtube headphone replacements that stop radiation from passing to your head.


Is EMF Exposure Killing the Bees?

The decline of the bee population is causing concern all over the world – and mobile phones could be to blame. How is it happening, and what does it mean for us?

We have talked about electromagnetic radiation a lot on the blog – you can get up to speed here if you have missed any of the background. Everything gives off an electromagnetic frequency, all electronics have an electromagnetic field and mobile phones use an electromagnetic field of varying strength to communicate with the network, as do other wireless technologies.

The massive explosion in wifi, Bluetooth and mobile phones have created an “electromagnetic smog” that is alarming experts for all sorts of reasons.

At the same time the bee population has been declining all over the world. This is a much bigger problem than it might sound at first as bees do a massive amount of work for us in pollinating crops and other plants.

It has been estimated that if humans had to pay for this work to be done it would cost trillions. We don’t have the technology for it in any case. And if you have watched the latest episode of Black Mirror you will be glad we don’t have the technology for artificial bees.

So how do the two connect? Bees are incredibly susceptible to electromagnetic fields. Scientists in Switzerland subjected them to the electromagnetic frequencies from mobile phones and the bees abandoned their hive. Multiple studies have shown the same thing – bees cannot function properly under the extreme blanket of EMF that we have created. They get confused, they leave hives and ultimately die.

Not only is the declining bee population causing big problems for us but mobile phones and EMF exposure has side effects for humans too.

Some people have extreme cases of electromagnetic hypersensitivity that can give them fainting spells, nausea, migraines and palpitations. For the rest of us, even if we don’t notice it, living with EMF exposure and mobile phone radiation can cause cancer, tumours and male infertility.

WaveWall products protect you from mobile phone radiation and EMF exposure. WaveWall cases block 85% of radiation from reaching your body and the innovative Airtubes stop radiation from travelling to your brain along normal headphone wires. What is happening to the bees is a problem we have yet to figure out but you can protect yourself and your family now with WaveWall.

Do you think EMF exposure could be killing bees? What could it be doing to humans? 

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Bias found in EMF radiation studies

The findings of a key paper on EMF radiation have been challenged for saying mobile phones were safe, against the evidence.

The first report, from 2012, by the Advisory Group on Non Ionising Radiation, had concluded there was no problem with EMF radiation and was used by many governments and mobile phone companies to prove they did not need to take any action and that mobile phone radiation was not a problem.

But this latest study (PDF) by British neuroscientist Dr Sarah Starkey, has uncovered problems in the 2012 report. Dr Starkey found that it downplayed the results, that there were conflicts of interest with the funding and group that commissioned it, and that it showed a bias against EMF radiation.

In the UK and other countries the 2012 report was used to show that mobile phones were safe and EMF radiation was not a concern. This is despite mobile phone radiation being classified as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” by the World Health Organisation.

There are lots of problems with finding reliable studies on the effects of mobile phone radiation. Some are a case of bias or active conflicts of interest. Other independent studies have shown links between the funders of research and the outcome of that research – when it was paid for by interested parties in the mobile phone and telecoms industries it was more likely to find there was no danger in mobile phones and EMF radiation.

Other problems are simply from a lack of data. There are not enough large scale studies done on the health effects of mobile phones. Almost all studies now end with a call for further research.

Data is hard to come by in a historical sense as well. Mobile phones are a relatively recent phenomenon and there simply isn’t enough long term data to review. We don’t know the health problems that might come later in life from children exposed to large amounts of EMF radiation because it is all new.

Even the earliest mobile phone adopters have only been carrying them around for about 25 years and it was only 2007 when the iPhone arrived and made mobile phones essentials not just for communication but every aspect of our lives, in our pockets and by our sides all day every day.

Clearly more research is needed by Dr Starkey’s report shows that it also needs to be independent, unbiased, peer reviewed research on a large scale, in order to show the true picture.

Here at WaveWall we believe mobile phone radiation is a risk to our health, which is why we created a range of anti-radiation EMF shielding mobile phone cases and accessories to protect you and your family from EMF radiation.

Are you concerned about bias in official health information on mobile phones? Do you think more research should be done?

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Animal study shows link between mobile phones and cancer

Researchers at the National Toxicology Program, part of the National Institute of Health in the United States, have undertaken a huge animal testing study that shows a link between mobile phone radiation and cancer in rats.

A release of partial findings (available in PDF here) shows the very thorough and careful set up of the experiment. Radio frequencies were matched to comparable levels that human heavy mobile phone users would experience. The rats were subjected to these levels for nine hours a day and their progress monitored – even before being born. The whole body was exposed – not just the head – to reflect the way people carry their phone around their body and don’t just use it for calls.

The results showed the development of rare cancers in both the brains and hearts of the rats. As the radiation they were exposed to increased so did the incidences of tumours. None of the control rats, who were not exposed to any radiation, developed any tumours.

Especially troubling is that these results echo findings in other studies on humans that have shown the same types of rare tumours and cancers occurring.

Another area of concern – though not covered in this study – is the issues mobile phone radiation can cause with male infertility. WaveWall’s anti-radiation phone case blocks 85% of radiation from reaching the body and gives protection from these electromagnetic frequencies that cause infertility and cancers as shown in this latest study.

For extra protection around the head WaveWall has also launched its new Airtubes headphones. Even if using an anti-radiation case when you plug headphones in the radiation can be transmitted along the wires to the brain. The innovative Airtubes headphones stop the radiation in its tracks by getting rid of the wires – the tubes are hollow and the radiation cannot pass through. It puts a safe distance between your phone and your brain.

Are you concerned by these latest findings?

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Business freedom with mobile phones

You can run a business from a mobile phone nowadays and more and more people are giving it all up to pursue a digital nomad lifestyle. The opportunities to innovate that digital devices provide is unprecedented.

Mobile phones provide communications, networking, connection, and more computing power than NASA used to land on the moon. In the developing world they are forging new infrastructures for business, bringing educational benefits to schools and connecting people to aid and support. New entrepreneurial hotspots spring up in South East area with cheaper living costs and the opportunity for adventure.

The downside is that rather than freedom a lot of people get roped into working more. Studies show that people work two hours more each day due to mobile phones. The pressure to work late, answer emails at home or even on holiday, eats into time that should be used for rest and relaxation.

Budding entrepreneurs need to keep their batteries charged but mobile phones can damage our sleep too. The blue light from digital screens mimics the sun’s rays and the body interprets that as a message to stay awake. This affects the circadian rhythm, causing sleep deprivation and sleep disorders, which in turn can cause obesity, diabetes, stress, depression and cardiovascular disease. Not to mention mood swings, lack of concentration and being prone to accidents.

None of which is helpful for anyone, least of all those trying to work and play hard. With WaveWall Sleep you can protect yourself from the harmful effects. A blue light filter and screen protector it blocks the blue light and stops it interfering with your sleep. And the gents who are glued to their phones might want to check out the ways mobile phone radiation can hurt their fertility.

Do you do business on your phone?

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The Healthy Pros and Cons of Mobile Phones

There are lots of ways your mobile can help keep you fit and healthy… and a few ways it doesn’t help so much.

Monitor your diet with calorie counting apps. They have access to massive databases of food and it can be as simple as scanning the bar code on the packaging. You might be surprised at how many calories you are actually consuming so logging your food and drink is the first step to getting it under control. You can get meal planning and recipe apps too.

Track your run, cycle, hike or even dog walk. With GPS or even just network location your phone can track your route, estimate calorie burn and show your pace. You can save your favourite routes and challenge yourself to complete them faster or share online for support and accountability.

Exercise programmes aren’t just done in front of the TV anymore. There are lots of apps for different fitness regimes that will guide you through your workout and keep track of them for you, even reminding you when you haven’t exercised for a while.Newer mobiles have heart rate sensors to help you keep track of that useful metric. Over time your resting heart rate can show your fitness trends and is worth keeping an eye on. During exercise checking your heart rate can help you get in the zone and optimise your workout.

There are mobile phone apps that will monitor your sleep – a vital part of health and wellbeing. But your mobile phone might be disrupting your sleep because of the light from the screen.

This light, which is in the blue part of the spectrum, is very similar to sunlight. Sunlight is good for us too, provides vitamins, boosts moods and keeps your body alert. But if you use your phone at night this artificial sunlight tricks your body into thinking it is still daytime and stops it producing sleep hormones. This can lead to insomnia and sleep deprivation from disrupting the Circadian rhythm.

The WaveWall Sleep screen protector blocks the blue light from your phone and helps you get a good night’s sleep – avoiding side effects like stress, depression, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

An essential part of how your phone works is the electromagnetic field it uses to communicate with the network. But that electromagnetic field is made of radiation that passes through the body and has been shown to damage the production of sperm, leading to male infertility.

An anti-radiation phone case from WaveWall blocks 80% of that radiation from reaching the body. You can use your phone as normal, plus protect it from knocks and scrapes, while protecting yourself from mobile phone radiation.

How do you use your phone to keep healthy? What about the ways it might harm your health?

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Mobile phone side effects

Using your mobile to check for social media updates, browse the web, or play a game, is what makes smartphones so great. They are indispensable parts of our lives. But too much of a good thing can still be a problem.

Though mobile phone addiction is taking it to the extreme, a lot of us feel like we are spending too much time on our phones. That could be ourselves, our partner, our children, or everyone in general. It can lead to compulsively checking our phones and high levels of anxiety. 

Research has shown that people work more hours via a phone or tablet – including in the evenings, at weekends and even on holiday. Being able to check your email became being expected to check your email for a lot of people, or to answer or make calls when you should be off the clock. Cutting into our rest and relaxation time is just one of the ways that too much mobile phone use can be bad for us.

Even if we aren’t working on our phones, even when we think we are using them for relaxing, they can be doing us harm. Mobile phone, tablet and laptop screens emit light that is in the blue part of the spectrum. This is close to the wavelength of sunlight so you might think it is harmless. But this fake sunlight at nighttime stimulates the body to think it is still daytime and that it should be awake. Sleep hormones are not released and the natural circadian rhythm is disrupted.

This leads to sleep deprivation and not only all the effects of feeling tired constantly – like grumpiness, mood swings and being extra accident-prone. The medical consequences of sleep deprivation can include obesity, diabetes, stress, depression and cardiovascular disease.

Another danger lurking within our phones affects men and plays a part in a troubling worldwide trend – the decline of male fertility. With sperm counts dropping there has been more and more research into why. Increasing numbers of studies looking at mobile phone use are finding it links to male infertility.

The electromagnetic radiation that mobile phones produces in order to send data to the base towers or satellites forms a field around the phone that can be six inches in radius. The radiation passes through the body and experts have described it as “cooking” sperm. It is not helped by the fact that many men carry their phone in their front pocket or wear it on a belt.

You can get your mobile phone back under control. WaveWall’s anti-radiation phone case blocks up to 80% of the radiation from getting to the body. And WaveWall Sleep is a blue light filter and screen protector to protect your sleep patterns.

Have you seen any side effects from using your phone?

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Dealing with Male Infertility

Every year increasing numbers of couples struggle to conceive. While fertility issues can often focus on the female partner male infertility is on the rise. 30-40% of trouble getting pregnant is thought to be down to male infertility.

So what can you do if you are having trouble getting pregnant?

Male infertility factors are varied and some, like your genetics, you are stuck with. But others can be changed and could make all the difference to your sperm count and general sperm health.

Cleaning up your diet, quitting smoking, cutting down on alcohol and getting a moderate amount of exercise will get your body into the best condition possible. Obesity, drugs, tobacco and alcohol all damage sperm and their production.

Stress is a big cause of male infertility. The exercise recommended above can help with that. Exercise boosts happy hormones, helps you sleep well and makes you feel good. Reducing caffeine and sugar will help keep you healthy and also relax your body. Getting enough sleep is vitally important to combat stress – you should be aiming for 8 hours a night on a regular schedule.

Meditation and exercise like yoga helps to clear the mind and keep you focussed. Socialising with family and friends is a good distraction and is relaxing. Open up to someone about your concerns – a trouble shared is a trouble halved after all. Getting your worries out in the open is like releasing a big burden and it could be stressing you out more than you realise.

Get in the know and protect yourself from the less well known causes of male infertility like mobile phone radiation. Mobile phone radiation has been found to damage sperm as it develops. A WaveWall anti-radiation phone case will block 85% of that radiation from reaching your body.

Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about how long it is taking to conceive. There may be other underlying medical issues that should be taken care of. If you are already seeing a doctor heed their advice but try not to make fertility treatment the sole focus of every day. Spend time with your partner, have fun together, plan romantic trips or dates. Reconnect and remember what this is all in aid of – building a family and life together.

Do you have any tips on dealing with male infertility?

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