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What electromagnetic waves do mobile phones use?

It’s time to get into some science here on WaveWall as we answer the question, “what electromagnetic waves do mobile phones use?” We talk a lot about electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) because they are the main way a mobile phone works and connects to the network. You can’t have mobile phones without them.

We also know, through many studies over many years, that EMFs from mobile phones, or mobile phone radiation, damages the body and is especially linked to male infertility.

But what electromagnetic waves do mobile phones use, exactly?

Cast your mind back to science lessons at school and you might remember that there is a spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies.

You can get deeper into the science on the Wikipedia page but here’s the gist of it. There’s gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, microwaves, radio waves, and long radio waves.

At a higher frequency they get dangerous to people, known as “ionising radiation.” Ultraviolet burns your skin in sunlight. X-rays have health and safety warning. We know too much exposure can cause mutations in the body that lead to tumours and cancers. There are protections in place for people who need x-rays and people who work around them,

X-rays were first properly studied and understood in 1895 but had been noticed for a while before. They started being used in 1896. They were also available outside the medical field at first – you could get yourself x-rayed at a fair for fun. That’s over 100 years ago and the idea of unnecessary x-rays is horrifying to us now.

Can you see how this relates to mobile phone radiation? Mobile phones have only been around for a few decades. Widespread adoption didn’t start until into the 21st century. The iPhone only just had its tenth birthday. We understand what electromagnetic waves mobile phones use. But have we had time to fully understand all the effects they might cause?

Just like protection from x-rays or ultraviolet, you can protect yourself from mobile phone radiation. WaveWall anti-radiation cases are scientifically proven to block 85% of radiation making it to your body from your phone.


Can phone radiation cause cancer?

It’s a question that is getting a lot of press and attention at the moment: can phone radiation cause cancer?

There have been some high-profile cases that have raised the question in the minds of the public. The World Health Organisation gave mobile phones a Class 2B rating, which means they assessed them as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, with carcinogenic meaning cancer-causing.

But is this scaremongering, playing it safe, or something we need to be concerned about?

Can phone radiation cause cancer by damaging cells and DNA?

There are lots of studies and medical research that shows phone radiation passes through the body and damages cells and DNA. There is lots of evidence that shows how this can cause male infertility by damaging sperm. Too many damaged sperm means trouble conceiving, and a possible diagnosis of male infertility.

Could phone radiation damage cells and DNA to cause cancer?

In Italy a court case found a mobile phone responsible for causing a man’s brain tumour. It was a benign tumour but did lead to hearing loss in one ear. The court decided that safety equipment should have been provided for the long hours the man used his phone as part of his job. The ruling was hotly contested by some medical experts and the mobile phone companies.

There is also the often-quoted case of “a woman who developed breast cancer tumours right underneath where she kept her phone kept tucked under her bra strap”. Could it be a horrible coincidence, or did the phone cause it?

The problem is that there is so little research and evidence into the question. There needs to be far more study into the long-term effects of mobile phone radiation. There are too many unanswered questions about phone radiation, including whether it can cause cancer.

Until the possible risks of phone radiation causing cancer is fully understood, you can help protect yourself from harmful mobile phone radiation using WaveWall’s range of anti-radiation mobile phone cases, laptop cases, iPad cases and Airtube headphones.


Can phone radiation kill you?

At WaveWall we know the damage phone radiation can do to your body. Our anti-radiation products are scientifically proven to protect against EMFs and phone radiation. But how far can this damage go? Can phone radiation kill you?

It’s an understandable concern. It’s stirred up by sensationalist news stories and used to sell items with dubious scientific credentials. But is it a real threat?

Part of the problem is that – like anything EMF or mobile phone radiation-related – we just don’t have enough long term data. Mobile phones only started to become household items in the mid to late 90s. The current blanketing of WiFi signals and popularity of smartphones began around 2010. That’s not enough time for all the fallout and repercussions to become clear.

If phone radiation has a long-term effect we don’t know yet. If it takes thirty years to have an effect we don’t know yet – no-one has been around smartphones and WiFi for that long. How might it affect children who have grown up in this environment, once they reach old age? We are a long way from finding out.

Clearly more research needs to be done. Both in the short term and longer-term studies.

In the meantime, it is sensible to take reasonable precautions. Limiting children’s exposure to mobile phones is proven to benefit their development in many ways, not just physically. This step is recommended by many governments and health boards.

We know that mobile phones and the always-on access they provide to social media can cause anxiety in adults. Many people are addicted to checking their mobile phone, which impacts on relationships and quality of life. Also, mobile phones can disrupt our sleep and cause us to work much longer hours.

Many studies have shown a link between mobile phone radiation and male infertility. Sperm is damaged by the mobile phone radiation that passes through the body, leading to male infertility. This trend is happening all over the world, with one in five healthy young men in danger of infertility.

So can phone radiation kill you? The jury is still out, and will be for some time. But there is plenty you can do to protect yourself from phone radiation and the bad effects we definitely know it can have on your body and mind.


Can phone radiation cause headaches?

Mobile phone radiation keeps our phones working but it also has some pretty serious side effects. More and more people are looking at the effects mobile phones are having on their health. Can phone radiation cause headaches? Is this something to be worried about?

Some people experience an extreme reaction to electromagnetic fields. This can include headaches, migraines, nausea, dizziness and palpitations. These people go to extreme lengths to avoid phone radiation, like insulating their homes or moving to the countryside.

Most people won’t have symptoms that severe. But if you have regular headaches you might want to think about whether your phone is at fault.

EMF – electromagnetic frequencies – like phone radiation are all around. Most household appliances emit EMF. Mobile phones are a bit different because we carry them with us nearly all day, put them to our heads and many people even sleep with them.

The students who did a famous experiment showing the effect of wifi signals on the growth of cress said that they could feel the difference when they slept with their phones. They had trouble sleeping and found it hard to concentrate in class the next day. Keeping a phone under your pillow or next to your bed means that you are within the field of radiation.

In Italy, a man was awarded a landmark judgement in a legal case, that said that his mobile phone was responsible for causing a tumour in his brain. Although it didn’t lead to cancer he did lose the hearing in one ear.

Given some of that evidence, “can phone radiation cause headaches?” is a good question to be asking.

But what can you do about it? You can block phone radiation from reaching your body and your brain, while still using your phone and other electrical devices.

WaveWall’s Universal anti-radiation phone case blocks 85% of mobile phone radiation from reaching your body. It doesn’t affect the use of your phone at all. There’s also an anti-radiation laptop case and iPad case. To give your head and brain extra protection, Airtubes are innovative headphones. Because the top part of the headphone is a hollow tube filled with air – not wires – they stop radiation from travelling to your head.

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash


Does phone radiation kill sperm?

It’s an important question: does phone radiation kill sperm? With male fertility dropping across the globe it’s important to pay attention to anything that could be having an impact. And scientific studies and medical research is increasingly coming out that says mobile phone radiation is causing male infertility by killing and damaging sperm.

Even when the phone radiation doesn’t kill the sperm it can damage it so badly it can’t fulfil its purpose. Sperm need to be in tip top condition but phone radiation can affect them in various ways.

Sperm viability is, basically, whether sperm are alive are not. They have a tough job and many will die in the pursuit of fertilisation so there needs to be plenty at the start. For a good level of fertility 60% or more of sperm need to be viable.

Sperm motility describes how well the sperm can move. They need to be able to swim forwards strongly. Good levels of fertility depend on lots of this kind of strong swimming sperm. But some sperm can’t move at all, some just a little, and some can move but only in a zig zag or curving shape.

Sperm count is a familiar way of talking about fertility. Fertility is a number’s game so we need lots of sperm in that semen. It’s measured per millilitre and on average there is 20-40 million sperm per millilitre. Under 15 million and the sperm count is officially low.

Testosterone levels are important because when the male hormone is produced, sperm is also produced. So if low levels of testosterone are being made then low levels of sperm will be too.

But how does phone radiation kill sperm? We’ve seen how there are lots of factors that go into making healthy, strong sperm that can get the job done. Mobile phone radiation has been found to disrupt each of those factors.

In fact, some experts published their research and said mobile phone radiation was “cooking” sperm. Being battered by radiation that can damage and kill DNA and cells is seriously bad news for sperm.


What can phone radiation do to you?

Phone radiation is powerful stuff. It allows our little devices to send and receive messages from cell phone towers that can be many miles away. Maintaining this connection to the network requires a lot of effort from our phones. While it does so, what can phone radiation do to you? 

Phones emit an electromagnetic field made of phone radiation. It extends about six inches around the phone. Like many other electromagnetic frequencies it can pass through the body. It’s possible that right now multiple electromagnetic frequencies are overlapping with your own body. Phone radiation, wifi signals, television signals and more.

But what can phone radiation do to you?

Phone radiation is less like radio waves and more like an X-ray. They are all forms of electromagnetic frequency. But X-rays leave radiation behind when they pass through the body. That’s why their use is carefully restricted. So in the same way, the radiation from mobile phones can damage the body.

Cell phone radiation has been labelled as “possibly carcinogenic” by the World Health Organisation. Which means it could cause cancer in humans. There have been several cases of tumours or cancer thought to have been caused by phone radiation.

Other than cancer and tumours, what can phone radiation do to you? In many studies, phone radiation has been linked to the growing issue of male infertility. The radiation damages cells and DNA – and some very important cells and DNA sit within six inches of where many men keep their phone in their trouser pocket.

Because sperm are constantly developing they are very vulnerable. Phone radiation can cause weak, abnormal sperm that can’t get the job done. Which leads to infertility and trouble conceiving. Some scientists said exposure to mobile phone radiation is like “cooking” sperm.

What can you do about phone radiation? You can shield yourself from phone radiation using an anti-radiation phone case like WaveWall Universal. WaveWall have a range of phone radiation protection that blocks 85% of mobile phone radiation from reaching your body.


Do EMF protection devices work?

Do EMF protection devices work? It would be easy for us just to say “Yes.” Okay, you are thinking, but how do EMF protection devices work?

If you are wondering whether EMF protection devices work, or more to the point, how EMF protection devices work, let’s find out.

It’s all based on an old, well known scientific principle: the Faraday cage. It’s a metallic enclosure that prevents electricity or electrical impulses – like mobile phone radiation which uses an electromagnetic field – from travelling in or out.  

How do EMF protection devices work?

The Faraday cage is named after the British scientist Michael Faraday, who discovered how it worked in the late 1800s. It’s a technology that is used a lot, but we don’t always realise it. How Stuff Works has an entertaining and informative article on the Faraday cage, tracing its history, the science and its uses.

Some cinemas deploy building wide technology that is in effect a Faraday cage. This is to stop you from receiving mobile phone signal. Or you might have to seal your phone in a Faraday sleeve – the same idea, but more an envelope than a cage – if you are attending a top secret event like attendees at the recent Star Wars premiere had to.

Faraday sleeves are getting popular to stop electronic car keys from being hacked. Or to cloak your phone’s GPS signal and obscure your whereabouts. Conspiracy theorists might make a DIY Faraday cage to protect their electrical devices in case of World War III or an EMP attack.

But WaveWall cases aren’t a full cage. They are open on one side, which means that your phone, iPad or laptop can still connect to the network or wifi and work normally. The side nearest your body is shielded and the radiation bounces right off. What it bounces off is the finely woven metallic mesh in the fabric – the Faraday cage.

So, do EMF protection devices work? Absolutely, and WaveWall uses patent pending EMF protection technology for our range of EMF protection devices. Independent testing has shown it blocks up to 87% of mobile phone radiation.



Alternatives to a leather phone case

A leather phone case is an automatic default for a lot of people. They assume that genuine leather is the best choice for the looks, the prestige and durability. In the past, all WaveWall phone cases were made with leather and we were proud of the quality.

But leather comes with a terrible cost to animals and the environment. WaveWall is about healthy choices and protecting our bodies. What about protecting the environment? What about preventing animal cruelty?

So at the beginning of the year WaveWall set out a new ethical and environmental policy that meant no more leather or animal products in our range. We also committed to working towards carbon neutrality.

The WaveWall Universal is our first alternative to a leather phone case. Using high quality faux leather that is actually plastic. Which means it is still hard wearing, tough and good looking. With colourful stitching and a soft protective interior it’s all the quality you want from a leather phone case – without the leather and cruelty-free!

Fitting the vast majority of mobile phone makes and models you just have to choose the size of your phone screen. No shopping around for the right fit. Which means it will be great for your older phones, or the next big new release.

Great features like an RFID protected space for your cards means it’s the most functional WaveWall phone case yet.

Of course it also protects you from mobile radiation – leather not needed. This shielding is actually anti-radiation fabric in between the layers of the case. It deflects mobile radiation away from your body while still letting you use your phone as normal.

The new WaveWall Wallet is made of the same high quality faux leather and looks great. It has RFID blocking fabric too, but this time to stop fraudsters stealing information from your contactless bank cards.

Would you switch from leather to go cruelty-free and help save the environment?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!


The WaveWall Universal phone cover and more in 2017

2017 has been a big year for WaveWall – and it’s not over yet.

The WaveWall Universal, our most functional and versatile phone cover made big waves in 2017.

The WaveWall iPad and WaveWall Laptop saw our range extend. Any device that uses wireless technology produces radiation that is damaging to the body. Including iPads, tablets and laptops. Our fantastic cases and covers product your body as well as your tablet and laptop.

Electromagnetic frequencies from mobile phone radiation, wireless networks and wifi can enter the body and damage cells and DNA. This can cause cancer, tumours, and male infertility.

The WaveWall Laptop sits between your laptop and your lap and shields your most sensitive areas from the radiation and heat that can damage sperm. Then it transforms into a stylish and protective carry case to protect your laptop from bumps and scratches.

Most people like to get a case or cover for their iPad. They don’t fold away nicely like a laptop and the screen can easily get scratched. The WaveWall iPad cover doesn’t just protect your iPad though. It blocks that radiation from the wireless signals the iPad is always using. It’s super functional too, with a stand and space for a keyboard.

Then you can move a step closer to home with WaveWall’s SYB Shielded Boxers. Get anti-radiation protection where you need it most. The boxers are woven with silver thread for radio frequency protection. Because even if you protect your gadgets you are still passing through wireless networks and mobile radiation all day.

Last but not least, you can now get WaveWall protection for your wallet. The WaveWall Wallet uses the same clever WaveWall technology but this time it blocks scammers and identity thieves from using new contactless technology to steal your bank card information.

At the beginning of the year we committed to a new ethics policy. We wanted to remove leather and all animal byproducts from our range. Plus become CO2 neutral in our operations through offsetting and be mindful of working conditions. We are proud to support the Gardiner Foundation.


Your ideal mobile phone case

For convenience sake a lot of people just settle with a mobile phone case and don’t spend the time looking for their perfect case. There are actually a lot of great, multifunctional, useful phone cases out there. So it is worth having a good think about what you would like your ideal mobile phone case to do and searching it out.

First up, the case needs to protect the phone. That seems obvious. But a lot of cases don’t even do that. Many cases are just for the looks. Sensitive parts of the phone like the screen or camera are left exposed to scratches and cracks.

So you want a phone case with protection from from drops and scratches, and from everyday use. Including vulnerable areas like the screen and camera.

Then it needs to be easy to use. You could roll bubble wrap around your phone and it would be really safe. But completely unusable. You want to be able to snap a quick picture or make a simple phone call. You don’t want your phone to overheat, for the side buttons not to work, the charger not fit, or reception be affected.

The phone case should also protect you. Confused? Have a look at our blog and our information about mobile phone radiation. Mobile phone radiation can cause cancer, tumours and male infertility with new studies coming out all the time.

A good phone case can also make your life easier. Some include pockets for cash or cards. A phone case that doubles as a wallet sounds good.

But you need protection for your cards and personal information too. Identity thieves and scammers can scan your cards using the popular new contactless technology. RFID blocking phone cases keep your banking and personal information safe.

That seems like a lot for a phone case to do. The WaveWall Universal can do it all. It’s a stylish, multifunctional universal phone case.

Do you already have your ideal mobile phone case? Has this post given you any good ideas?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo by Jaelynn Castillo on Unsplash