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WHO phone radiation

WHO phone radiation

The World Health Organization covers an incredible range of illness, disease, health, and conditions in our world. They co-ordinate efforts between governments and on behalf of the UN from eradicating polio to preventing drowning, childbirth to aging, food safety to emergency response. The WHO even have work on cell phone radiation and electromagnetic fields. Which…

What electromagnetic waves do mobile phones use?

Sperm Viability

It’s time to get into some science here on WaveWall as we answer the question, “what electromagnetic waves do mobile phones use?” We talk a lot about electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) because they are the main way a mobile phone works and connects to the network. You can’t have mobile phones without them….

Can phone radiation cause cancer?

It’s a question that is getting a lot of press and attention at the moment: can phone radiation cause cancer? There have been some high-profile cases that have raised the question in the minds of the public. The World Health Organisation gave mobile phones a Class 2B rating, which means they assessed them as “possibly…

Can phone radiation kill you?

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At WaveWall we know the damage phone radiation can do to your body. Our anti-radiation products are scientifically proven to protect against EMFs and phone radiation. But how far can this damage go? Can phone radiation kill you? It’s an understandable concern. It’s stirred up by sensationalist news stories and used to sell items with…

Can phone radiation cause headaches?

Mobile phone radiation keeps our phones working but it also has some pretty serious side effects. More and more people are looking at the effects mobile phones are having on their health. Can phone radiation cause headaches? Is this something to be worried about? Some people experience an extreme reaction to electromagnetic fields. This can…

Does phone radiation kill sperm?

Sperm Motility

It’s an important question: does phone radiation kill sperm? With male fertility dropping across the globe it’s important to pay attention to anything that could be having an impact. And scientific studies and medical research is increasingly coming out that says mobile phone radiation is causing male infertility by killing and damaging sperm. Even when…

What can phone radiation do to you?

Phone radiation is powerful stuff. It allows our little devices to send and receive messages from cell phone towers that can be many miles away. Maintaining this connection to the network requires a lot of effort from our phones. While it does so, what can phone radiation do to you?  Phones emit an electromagnetic field…

Do EMF protection devices work?

Do EMF protection devices work? It would be easy for us just to say “Yes.” Okay, you are thinking, but how do EMF protection devices work? If you are wondering whether EMF protection devices work, or more to the point, how EMF protection devices work, let’s find out. It’s all based on an old, well…

Alternatives to a leather phone case

A leather phone case is an automatic default for a lot of people. They assume that genuine leather is the best choice for the looks, the prestige and durability. 

But leather comes with a terrible cost to animals and the environment. WaveWall is about healthy choices and protecting our bodies. What about protecting the environment? What about preventing animal cruelty?