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WaveWall’s Anti Radiation Phone Case Masterpost

When you start looking at mobile radiation and all these issues it can be a lot to take in. So here’s WaveWall’s anti radiation phone case masterpost to quickly give you the lowdown on everything you need to know.

The science of EMF and mobile radiation

It might seem like a lot of jargon being thrown around but the concepts are actually easy to understand. Wireless technology including mobile phones use EMF, a form of radiation. That radiation can damage our bodies.

Research on male infertility

More and more research is being released that shows a link between mobile phones and rising levels of male infertility. We have a big list on Mobile phone radiation explained.

And other health issues

Other health problems caused by mobile phone radiation include cancers, tumours, and child development issues.

The problems with some mobile radiation studies

What are the mobile phone industry doing about this?

How WaveWall can help with an anti radiation phone case

WaveWall’s range of anti radiation phone cases protect you from EMF and mobile radiation.

See our anti radiation phone case products and keep up to date with our blog.


A universal cover for iPhone 5S phone cases

Last week we talked about finding the best iPhone 5 covers, but what about iPhone 5S phone cases? That’s the clever thing about the WaveWall Universal – it fits all the big makes and models. Just choose between the two screen sizes and you have a great fitting phone cover to rival any iPhone 5S phone cases. With lots of great extra features.

What kind of extra features?

First and foremost: protection from mobile phone radiation that can cause cancers, tumours and male infertility. Mobile phones are surrounded by radiation going about six inches around the phone. That radiation passes through the body and when it does it can kill and damage cells and DNA.

Mutations in cells is what causes tumours and cancers. Plus, mobile phone radiation can kill and damage sperm. And a lot of men spend a lot of their day with their phones within six inches of their privates. This leads to sperm being battered by mobile phone radiation. It’s an effect some scientists described as “cooking” sperm.

But a mobile phone case from WaveWall has innovative anti-radiation fabric that shields the body from mobile phone radiation. It deflects up to 86% of radiation and stops it from reaching the body.

Plus the WaveWall Universal is so easy to fit to your phone, including the iPhone 5S. It even has a section for your debit or credit cards, travel pass or whatever you need to take out with you regularly. It looks great with a stylish design and animal-friendly faux-leather.

The WaveWall Universal is all you need as an iPhone 5S phone case – protecting your phone and you.

Are you looking for iPhone 5S phone cases? Did you know you could find a case that protected your phone and you?

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Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash


The best iPhone 5 covers

Looking for the best iPhone 5 covers? You’ve been trawling eBay and Amazon but you want something more than just a good looking phone cover, you want something of real substance.

You should have a look at WaveWall’s range of iPhone 5 covers. There’s the WaveWall Flip if you like a flip phone case and the WaveWall Universal. Best of all, they both come with innovative inbuilt anti-radiation EMF protection.

What is anti-radiation? Why do you need protecting from EMF?

Mobile phones use an electromagnetic frequency to communicate with the network, a form of radiation also known as mobile phone radiation. This has been linked in lots of medical and scientific studies to causing cancers, tumours and male infertility.

The World Health Organisation even categorised mobile phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” – meaning that they could cause cancer.

The mobile phone radiation passes through the body and damages cells and DNA. This damage can cause cells to become defective and cause tumours or cancers. Sperm are delicate and developing near to where a lot of men keep their mobile phones all day. The electromagnetic frequencies from a mobile phone can damage their growth or kill them. The more sperm this happens to the lower a man’s fertility will be. Male infertility is a huge problem. One in five otherwise healthy 18-25 year olds have abnormal sperm counts and are in danger of infertility.

WaveWall phone cases, including iPhone 5 covers, use special shielding to deflect the radiation away from the body. You can use your phone as normal but it will block 86% of the radiation from reaching your body.

So if you are looking for iPhone 5 covers choose one that will look good and protect you from mobile phone radiation.

Photo by Samson Vowles on Unsplash


What iPhone 6 phone covers don’t do

The iPhone 6 came out in September 2014 and won back many fans who were beginning to despair of poor performance in previous Apple offerings. It’s still a very popular phone today and iPhone 6 phone covers are in big demand. So if you are looking for phone cases for the iPhone 6, what should you be looking at?

iPhones changed how we interact with our mobiles more than any other brand. The App Store revolutionised what phones were capable of. But that brought an ever-increasing reliance on our mobile phones. Now that they look after all our different needs – entertainment, banking, socialising, planning, working, shopping – not just communicating, we rely on them more and more and keep them close by at all times. On average we touch our phones 2617 times a day.

The incredible rise of the mobile phone has come at the same time as an incredible drop in something else – male fertility rates across the globe. And the two are connected, according to an increasing number of studies and research on mobile phone radiation.

Mobiles use an electromagnetic frequency to communicate with the network. This forms a field around the phone whenever it is switched on, even if it isn’t being used. This electromagnetic field can pass through the body, like other radiation such as X-rays. And when it does it can damage cells and DNA. This can cause tumours, cancers, and male infertility.

But the iPhone 6 phone covers you choose for your phone can fight against mobile phone radiation. WaveWall Universal is an anti-radiation iPhone 6 phone cover that shields your body from the electromagnetic fields surrounding your phone. You can keep using your phone as normal but protected from the mobile phone radiation that has been found to cause cancer, tumours, and male infertility.


Why don’t we hear more about mobile phone radiation?

With more and more studies and research showing a link between mobile phone radiation and male infertility – as well as cancer and tumours – why isn’t the issue more well known?

There are a number of factors that help downplay the effect of mobile phone radiation on sperm, which some experts described as being like “cooking”.

The first is the standards to which mobile phones are tested. A certain amount of radiation and electromagnetic field is allowed to enter the body and there are upper limits set for that. Many phones on the market currently, especially the more powerful, newest phones, come within a hair’s breadth of reaching those upper limits.

How far into the skull the mobile radiation can pass is limited but the tests are carried out on a model of an adult male brain. Radiation that only spreads a certain distance into the larger adult male brain will take up more space proportionally on a woman or child’s brain. Using adult men as the default might be putting everyone else at risk.

The ratings for your phone’s radiation levels are published by the manufacturer – buried in the small print of your manual. There will also be a warning in there to keep the phone a slight distance from your head when using it, or not to make skin contact. But no attention is drawn to it.

In Berkeley, California, the town council wants mobile phone shops to display these warnings more publicly so people can see them when they buy. But the phone manufacturers and telecoms industry have taken the council to court to try to block the measures.

The phone manufacturers, networks, telecommunications industry and other businesses involved are also often the ones paying for research and studies – and independent reviews of that research have found bias towards saying mobile phones are safe even when the science says otherwise.

These are studies that governments and health officials rely on when making decisions but that have been compromised by the involvement of the mobile phone industry. Independent scrutiny of different studies with different funding found that research paid for by the mobile phone industry was of a lower quality and more likely to find mobile phones safe.

In the meantime, the voices of concern are getting louder. The World Health Organisation classified mobile phone radiation as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’, an Italian court found mobile phones responsible for a man’s brain tumour and resulting deafness, awareness is being raised of the effects of mobile phones on children and attempts are being made by some cities to tackle ‘electromagnetic smog’.

And there’s WaveWall’s anti-radiation mobile phone cases. Designed to block 85% of your mobile phone’s radiation from reaching your body they still allow for normal use of the phone. Plus there are the new iPad anti-radiation cases and ones for your laptop too.

Why do you think we don’t hear that much about the dangers of mobile phones? Do you think the issue should be discussed more?

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The problems with keeping your phone close by

Stop what you are doing for a moment and look around you. Where is your mobile phone? If you are anything like most people it will be close by. Probably within arm’s reach or on your body in a pocket or bag.

Have you ever felt edgy or worried when your phone is further away from you? A lot of people do. We have become so accustomed to having our phones with us all the time. We use them not just to communicate but to keep us entertained and in touch with the world, to stave off boredom and a fear of missing out.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, the saying goes. And your phone might be more of an enemy than you realise.

Mobile phone addiction a rising problem with our mobiles giving us always-on access to the news and current affairs as well as the social statuses of everyone we know and causing anxiety, depression and insomnia. Being deprived of their mobile phone can trigger withdrawal symptoms in people and release cortisone – the stress hormone.

There’s another reason to put a bit of distance between yourself and your phone. Mobile phones use an electromagnetic field to send and receive information from the network. This electromagnetic field is on whenever the phone is and for a lot of people that means 24/7. It extends about six inches around the phone, including into your body if it’s within six inches of you.

The EMF is a form of radiation and when it passes through the body it subjects your cells and DNA to radiation too. This is what has led to the increase in mobile phone related tumours and cancer. For men there is another side effect – infertility.

Sperm are constantly developing in a man’s privates, they are being made and growing all the time. But they are being bombarded with mobile radiation, especially as many men keep their phone in their front pocket or on their belt and well within six inches of their baby-making area. More and more studies are showing that the rise in mobile phones is linked to the fall in levels of male fertility.

It is getting worse across the globe. Research now says that one in five healthy young men aged 18-25 have abnormal sperm counts. Some experts described mobile phone radiation as “cooking” sperm as it damages their DNA and development leading to a lower sperm count and more damaged, weaker sperm.

While the prospect of cancer or infertility is scary, for a lot of people their phones have a greater and more powerful hold over them. You can have the best of both worlds with WaveWall anti-radiation mobile phone cases and covers. WaveWall technology blocks 85% of radiation from entering the body but you can also use your phone as normal.

Where is your mobile phone right now? Do you often have it within six inches of your body?

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How mobile phone tracking really works

Were you one of the 7.5 million people watching the riveting conclusion of Line of Duty on Sunday night? Across the nation viewers were on the edge of their seats waiting to see whether Ros Huntley could outmanoeuvre Steve, Kate and AC12 one more time.

Mobile phones played a big part in the case. From “burner” phones to mobile phone tracking to check suspects’ movements. It’s a reminder of how big a feature mobile phone tracking is in police work. But how does it work, and what might be the side effects?

The two elements are the phone handset itself and the mobile network.

Phones check in with the network all the time so there’s a connection even when the phone isn’t actually in use. This connection is to check signal strength and maintain a link to the network, check in for any data that needs to be downloaded like emails or updates, all the background work your phone is doing.

The network itself is powered by mobile phone masts, sometimes called cell towers. Your phone doesn’t just use one mast, it uses several. These overlapping mini-networks allow your phone to move around areas without dropping signal and to balance the load on the masts.

When your phone makes contact with the network on one of these regular check-ins it shows which mast it is using and the strength of the connection to each – which indicates how far from the mast it is. That allows “triangulation” where if there is a connection to three or more masts that information along with the distance from each mast can be used by software to pinpoint the location of the phone.

You might think that is just a problem for people up to no good. Some people have an issue with it over privacy. But there’s also a physical effect.

The phone contacts the network on a two-way radio signal. The signal is powered by the phone’s electromagnetic field, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation.

New research is coming out all the time that shows the radiation from mobile phones could be responsible for tumours, cancer and male infertility. That electromagnetic field is around the phone all the time… and the phone is usually around you. The radiation passes through the body and harms cells and DNA which in turn can lead to tumours and cancer developing.

For men it can affect the DNA of developing sperm and make them more likely to die or be weaker. This leads to a drop in sperm count and difficulty conceiving. It’s a growing problem and one in five men between the ages of 18 and 25 now have abnormal sperm counts, putting them at risk of infertility.

Which is why WaveWall developed our range of anti-radiation phone cases and covers. Special shielding fabric blocks the radiation from passing through to the body while also allowing your phone to be used normally.

Are you a big Line of Duty fan? What do you think about mobile phones being used to track our movements?

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What men need to know about their mobile phones

Guys, listen up: Your mobile phone could be damaging your fertility and performance in the bedroom. That’s not a message any man wants to hear but male infertility, erectile dysfunction, sleep deprivation and stress are an increasing part of men’s lives.

Infertility affects one in 25 men – and one in five younger men between the ages of 18 and 25 have abnormal sperm counts.

Starting a family might be the last thing on your mind at the moment. But fighting infertility can be expensive and stressful, taking its toll on your relationship and self esteem. So while it might not be something you think a lot about now, it could be something you are devoting a lot of time, energy, money and worry to in the future.

Where does the mobile phone fit into this? In all the issues above – male infertility, erectile dysfunction, sleep deprivation and stress – studies have found mobile phones to be the culprit. And all of those issues can make it hard to start a family and be bad for your health in the meantime.

Scientists have found that the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation that mobile phones use is killing and damaging sperm. Some experts described it as “cooking” sperm. The EMF radiation from phones passes through your body and has been found to cause DNA damage to sperm, to lower testosterone, and to affect sperms’ movement and strength.

If you keep your phone on your body for hours at a time – clipped to a belt or in your front pocket – it is sitting right next to your privates and barraging your developing sperm with radiation. The radiation and heat from your phone could also be causing erectile dysfunction, making for an extra hard time conceiving.

Not only that but mobiles are a big culprit in sleep deprivation and stress. Fear of missing out on social media, being able to dash off a few work emails or messages at any time of the day or night, scrolling through endless news feeds about the state of the world – all this is possible because of our mobile phones.

And the blue light from the screens of our gadgets mimics the blue light of the sun, which stops our bodies feeling sleepy even though we are exhausted. All this FOMO and overwork causes stress when people are unable to unwind properly.

Then the sleep deprivation and stress feed into each other, lack of sleep causing stress and stress causing a lack of sleep. And of course being stressed and exhausted hurts your performance in other areas, especially the bedroom.

But you can avoid the health issues from phones while still getting to keep your gadgets. WaveWall have a range of anti-radiation cases and covers that shield your body from 85% of mobile phone radiation while allowing you to use your phone normally. There are cases to fit all makes and models of phone, as well as for iPads and laptops. We’ve even got anti-blue light screen protectors to help you sleep.

Do you worry about male infertility?

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Is home testing for male infertility on the way?

Are we about to see affordable home testing for male infertility? A new study shows the development of a cheap test for male infertility that can be done with a kit attached to a smartphone.

There are a lot of tests that can already be done at home around fertility – pregnancy tests obviously, also ovulation and other tests to help conceive – but they are all for women. Male infertility remains more taboo despite the fact it is the cause of 30-40% of the inability to conceive and affects a growing number of men across the world.

Being able to quickly and cheaply do a test at home will help men who are reluctant to go to the doctor or who are worrying about their fertility in private.

The test was developed by researchers at America’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital along with Massachusetts General Hospital. It uses the camera and processing power of a smartphone to look at a sample of semen. The kit consists of an attachment to the phone and a microchip that is inserted. The whole thing currently costs less than $5.

“We wanted to come up with a solution to make male infertility testing as simple and affordable as home pregnancy tests. This test is low-cost, quantitative, highly accurate and can analyze a video of an undiluted, unwashed semen sample in less than five seconds,” said Dr Hadi Shafiee, senior author of the study.

The test measures sperm concentration for a traditional “sperm count” check and also sperm motility, which checks how well the sperm can move. There are other factors in male infertility, including testosterone levels and sperm viability, that the test cannot check. But it remains a huge and positive step forward for the fight against male infertility.

One irony is the use of a mobile phone in the test. More and more research is coming out that shows mobile phones are responsible for damage to sperm and male infertility. The electromagnetic radiation that powers phones and their communication can pass through the body and some scientists have described it as “cooking” sperm.

But mobile phones are hugely important and useful in modern life – not least as this new device shows. We can adapt and one of the ways we can do that is by using anti-radiation technology like WaveWall cases that shield the body from harmful radiation while leaving the phone able to be used normally.

Do you think a home test for male infertility will catch on?

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The Durable Human and mobile phones

The digital revolution has massively changed our lives but as we often cover here on the blog, not all of those have been total successes and there are concerns over our safety in this brave new world.

Mobile phones have been linked to everything from sleep deprivation to cancer and male infertility. WaveWall came about for exactly that reason: to address safety issues with mobile phone radiation while still being able to use this world-changing innovation.

Jenifer Joy Madden’s How To Be a Durable Human: Revive and Thrive in the Digital Age Through the Power of Self Design is a follow-up to her manifesto on the same topic. With a philosophy very similar to WaveWall’s she discusses how we can live in harmony with our electronic devices and how we can adjust to the overwhelming amount of information at our fingertips.

The book reviews the medical, social, behavioural and developmental issues that are still in the early stages of study. Drawing together the work of futurists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, visionaries and scientists, Madden looks at how we can find a balance, to be durable against the onslaught of information, messages, anxiety, alerts and electromagnetic radiation.

It’s an inspiring read and will help you carve out some space among the digital clutter of modern life.

WaveWall’s anti-radiation mobile phone case gets a mention too. Madden dubs the electromagnetic field ‘The Glow’ and has a whole section devoted to it and simple ideas to manage the risk. One, of course, being a WaveWall case to block up to 85% of radiation, or ‘The Glow’, from entering the body. There are also the new WaveWall Airtubes to stop radiation travelling through headphones to the brain.

Modern life and the mobile phone are also covered in the book for their effect on sleeping patterns. The idea that it is desirable to exist on minimal sleep is widespread but damaging – not only do mobile phones give us the opportunity to work late or build up anxiety into the small hours reading the news or checking social media, the very light from their screens can cause sleep deprivation.

Neither Madden’s book nor WaveWall are suggesting you give up the massive convenience of mobile phones and other digital devices. Rather that there are things people need to be aware of and risks to understand that can then be dealt with.

Do you have any book recommendations dealing with the health risks of mobile phones?

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