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Anti-radiation phone cases for iPhone 6 mobiles

In the world of mobile phones 2014 seems like an age ago. But it was the year the iPhone 6 debuted and it has been going strong ever since. It’s still a very popular phone loved by millions.

What about phone cases for iPhone 6 phones? Unfortunately, they haven’t kept up with the times. Warnings about the damage phones can do to people’s health have been around since long before 2014. But in the last few years they have increased, with more and more new studies coming out that show a link between the radiation mobile phones create and problems like cancer, tumours and male infertility.

What does this have to do with phone cases for iPhone 6 mobiles? Even older phones can get the latest innovative technology to protect you from mobile radiation. Like WaveWall Universal, a universal anti-radiation mobile phone case.

If you’re not sure what mobile radiation is or how a mobile phone case can help, see our anti radiation phone case masterpost.

With WaveWall Universal you just choose between two sizes, based on your screen size. Almost all makes and models of phone will fit, include the iPhone 6, making the Universal one of the top phone cases for iPhone 6.

The case protects your phone from scratches and drops, and protects you from mobile phone radiation. There’s also a handy section for your cards and they are protected too – from RFID scanning by thieves and identity fraudsters.

You can still use your phone as normal, receive and make calls, use your data and take photos. And live your life as normal, but with added protection for you and your iPhone 6.

Do you have a phone case for iPhone 6 that can block radiation? Did you know about all the problems with mobile phone radiation?

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What makes a great universal phone case?

If you are looking for a new mobile phone case you should think about the many advantages of a universal phone case. What makes a universal phone case like the WaveWall Universal such a good choice?

It’s so simple to shop for a universal phone case. No worrying about all the different makes and models, searching through product specs and reviews to make sure it definitely fits your phone. The WaveWall Universal fits all the big makes and models. The only choice you have to make is whether you need the larger or smaller version, depending on the size of your phone’s screen.

The universal phone case has lots of tricks up its sleeve. Ours includes a special sliding mechanism to allow you to use the phone’s rear facing camera. It’s incredibly easy to attach your phone to the case properly – no complicated instructions and the few adhesive stickers you need are supplied. We are always happy to help or supply more adhesive if you need.

When you upgrade your phone there’s no need to spend extra to change all your accessories, or waste all that time looking for a new mobile phone case. You can switch phones and keep using your universal phone case.

A great mobile phone case will do so much more than protect your phone. Our WaveWall Universal protects you too – it’s an anti-radiation mobile phone case that blocks 85% of mobile phone radiation from entering your body, protecting you from tumours, cancer and male infertility.

Even your bank cards get protection with the RFID technology that stops cards stored in the phone case being scanned and your data stolen.

The WaveWall Universal is a universal phone case packed full of handy extra features to make your life easier, as well as WaveWall’s special anti-radiation technology to keep you safe.

What do you think makes a great universal phone case?

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Your Best EMF Protection

In modern life we are never far from an electromagnetic field. All electrical devices emit one, and one device very close to our hearts – and our bodies – the mobile phone, emits one of the strongest of all. And it may be doing us a whole lot of harm. How can we avoid it, and what will your best EMF protection be?

Some people have severe, medical reactions to electromagnetic radiation like fainting, heart palpitations, rashes and migraines. So much so that they spend thousands on special insulation for their homes or move to a more rural location.

While most people don’t suffer such debilitating effects we can still get headaches and tinnitus from exposure to EMF, sleep disruption and deprivation, and evidence increasingly shows, cancer, tumours and male infertility could also be caused by our cell phones and EMF radiation.

We spend a long time each day – many of us the whole day, even night – right alongside our phone and within its electromagnetic field. There are other, weaker signals around us all the time too. But our mobile is the main culprit.

What is EMF radiation? Find out at the link! Then find out why you need EMF cell phone protection.

Unlike many other electronics, which emit small amounts of EMF just as a byproduct, mobile phones need the field in order to work – it is what sends and retrieves data from the network. It fluctuates in strength as it is in contact, or when it is searching for reception.

It might seem that your best EMF protection is going to come from getting rid of your phone completely. While that might be correct it is also massively impractical. Mobile phones became so immensely popular precisely because they are so useful and most of us now see them as indispensable.

So your best EMF protection bet is going to be something to come between you and your phone. To stop the EMF waves from passing through your body. There are two options then, EMF protection on your body, or on your phone. You can get radiation blocking underwear, threaded with silver and pretty expensive. Or you can opt for EMF protection like WaveWall cases, a mobile radiation blocking phone case.

How WaveWall works is with the special fabric that blocks EMF and bounces it away from the body. Ingeniously this is only on the body side of the case, so your phone can still work normally but the electromagnetic field is pointing away from you.

Lots of people have a phone case, if only to protect their phone from drops and scratches. Your best EMF protection is going to fit in with your lifestyle and the habits you already have. Plus the cases come in a great range of colours, in different styles and for all the big phone brands and models.

What’s your best EMF protection tip or tactic?

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Why you need EMF cell phone protection

You might not think you need protecting from your cell phone – but you do. From EMF radiation causing cancer and infertility to blue light disrupting your night’s sleep, your cell phone really does seem like it might be out to get you.

EMF radiation comes from the electromagnetic field (EMF) that all mobile phones use. The EM field allows the phone to communicate with the network, satellite or wifi. All electrical devices emit EMF but cell phones actively use it all the time. Not just when you are making a call but whenever the device is switched on and not on aeroplane mode. Even when you aren’t using the phone it is still searching for signal and checking in with the network.

So this radiation from the EM field is surrounding the phone all the time. Just like other electromagnetic frequencies like x-rays, microwaves and radio waves, EMF radiation passes through human bodies. If you are within six inches of your phone then you are within the electromagnetic field and being subjected to EMF radiation.

This radiation is increasingly being linked to all sorts of medical conditions, primarily cancer and tumours, and male infertility. If you think about how men often keep their phone in a front trouser pocket or on their belt and what else is within range of that area you might realise the link to infertility.

Male reproductive organs are always manufacturing sperm and now they are doing so under a constant barrage of EMF radiation. Scientific research shows how this damages developing sperm, leading to infertility. Some experts described the effect of mobile phone radiation as being like “cooking” sperm.

Which bring us to the importance of EMF cell phone protection. You don’t want to stop using or get rid of your phone you do want protection. An anti-radiation phone case like WaveWall puts a barrier between you and your phone to block EMF. WaveWall is the simplest EMF cell phone protection around. Plus WaveWall cases protect your phone too – a double win.

Did you know about the dangers of EMF radiation?

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What is EMF radiation?

Beloved of sci-fi post-apocalyptic stories is the electromagnetic pulse that will fry all the world’s electronics and send us back to a technological pre-Industrial age. That’s because all electrical devices emit electromagnetic radiation as a by-product. Some, like microwaves, also use other types and do so deliberately – literally microwaves.

Mobile phones also depend on electromagnetism to work properly. The wireless part of the phone, how it communicates with the network, uses electromagnetic frequencies. The by-product then is lots and lots of electromagnetic radiation. Not just when you are making a call or sending a text, but every moment the phone is switched on.

Mobiles are constantly in touch with the network – ready to receive a call, searching for signal, sending data, checking for updates and so on. It’s part of what makes them so convenient and useful. Unfortunately this EMF radiation is also part of what makes them so dangerous.

The electromagnetism spreads about six inches around the phone and is much more intense close to the device. This is called an electromagnetic field and you probably spend a good part of your day inside one. Remember – it’s not just your hands and head when you are on a call. It’s any part of your body whenever your phone is on.

For men who carry their phone in their front pocket or on their belt it includes the reproductive area. For some women who might tuck their phone into their bra it includes the sensitive soft tissues of the breast.

There are warnings tucked into the small print of phone manuals about EMF radiation but most of us don’t see them and phone manufacturers are happy to let them stay hidden. Those warnings will say to keep a slight distance between the phone and the body, at least a few millimetres. The manufacturers deny that this can cause any problems.

But more and more scientific and medical studies are finding increasing levels of brain cancer and other cancers associated with mobile phones caused by EMF radiation. EMF radiation is increasingly seen as responsible for plummeting levels of male fertility as sperm “cook” all day in the electromagnetic field of mobile phones.

Which is why WaveWall has a range of EMF protection products so you can keep using your mobile phone in safety. There are EMF blocking cases for a huge range of different phones and EMF shielding headphones too.

Did you know about the dangers of EMF radiation?

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Cell Phone Radiation Protection

What is cell phone radiation and why do you need protecting from it?

Cell phones and other wireless devices work using an electromagnetic field, which is made of electromagnetic radiation. This powers the wireless element of the phone – sending data to the mast, tower or wifi router. This data isn’t just in the form of internet data but calls, texts and phone signal too. Because your phone is always checking back with base to see if you have any alerts, messages, or other data to be sent, it isn’t just there when you are actively using your phone.

So that’s what the cell phone radiation is there for. But that all sounds pretty good – we want our phones to work, after all. What’s the problem?

The problem is what existing in a cloud of electromagnetic radiation might be doing to our bodies. This is a problem still being explored. Mobile phones are a relatively young technology. Adults might have been using one for fifteen years or so and probably started at least as teenagers, or as adults already. Even less time when you look at the advances in smartphones.

What might the long term effects be? Even studies that want to find out run into the same problem: there isn’t enough long term data, because the technology hasn’t been around that long.

The studies that are coming out urge larger scale and longer term study. Scientists and doctors have focussed on different areas but one of the greatest concerns is the effect cell phone radiation has on male fertility.

Male infertility is a growing problem worldwide and there is mounting evidence that mobile phones are playing a part. This electromagnetic field has been described as “cooking” sperm.

This isn’t helped by the habit of many men to carry their phone in their pocket or on their belt. Right next to their developing sperm.

Commonly talked about as “sperm count” a man’s fertility is made up of more complex factors, not just the volume of sperm. Whether that sperm is viable, how strong it is, how much testosterone is produced, all make a difference. And all can be affected by cell phone radiation.

What’s the answer? You’ll be pleased to know you don’t have to give up on your mobile.  

WaveWall’s cell phone radiation protection comes in the form of a smart and stylish phone case that blocks 85% of cell phone radiation from entering the body. Use your phone normally with no interruption to service or signal – protect yourself and your goods.

How do you protect yourself from cell phone radiation?

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Summer Health Tips

With the summer approaching you might be dusting off the beach body exercise DVDs and looking forward to firing up the barbecue. With a great summer on the horizon don’t let all the fun take its toll on your body.

Get some sun… but not too much. We talked last week about the health benefits of sunlight but sore, painful and unsightly sunburn is definitely not one of them! Cover up, use sunscreen or stay out or the sun for a few hours around midday when the sun is strongest.

Tread carefully with the coals… The trend for medium rare burgers can cause food poisoning so make sure you cook all your meat thoroughly on the barbecue.

Don’t overdo it… summertime indulgences are all very well and good but too many cookouts and ice creams might leave your waistband begging for mercy. More than not being a great look, piling on the pounds can lead to all sorts of health risks.

Break a sweat… The longer days and nicer weather are great for an after work jog or long cycling trip on the weekend. Beware too much cycling and tight shorts – the old jokes about cramping your reproductive style are true. Overheating your sperm makes them less effective.

Bottle opener at the ready… A cooling beverage in the pub garden or your own is a perk of the season but stick to your limits and the official guidelines. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause lots of different health issues.

Take a break from work… and make sure it’s a real break. If you’ve been looking forward to your holiday to unwind don’t take the stresses of work with you. No phone calls from the office, no sneaky answering emails on your laptop. Unplug and get some good relaxation to beat stress.

Think about all the summers to come… If they involve a family and kids don’t let this summer get in the way of your dreams by damaging your fertility. Obesity, alcohol, tobacco and stress are all factors causing male infertility.

Juggle your social life… If you are in high demand this summer and want to stay up to date with the latest parties and invites your mobile is going to be close to hand. Not too close though, the electromagnetic radiation that phones use to send calls, messages and data can damage your sperm.

WaveWall anti-radiation mobile phone cases will keep you and your phone safe this summer.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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A cure for male infertility?

Male infertility is one of the biggest questions that medicine and science is trying to solve. And their attempts are getting ever more ingenious, wide ranging and out the box. Have a look at some of these tests, studies and possible cures.

  • Chinese researchers have artificially created sperm using stem cells and used it to breed healthy mice. Cue the Stuart Little jokes.
  • Male gorillas are impressive, hulking, dominant creatures and may hold a clue to male infertility. Scientists are mapping their chromosomes hoping it will provide clues about their human cousins’ inability to conceive.
  • A hair-raising treatment involves electric shocks to the testes. Any volunteers?
  • German researchers have 3D printed a spermbot to chivvy along slow and unwilling sperm in their race to the egg. Not sure how the Mrs might feel about that.

But we all know that prevention is better than cure.

Male infertility is complex and has many variables – which is one of the reasons why “a” cure has proved so hard to find.

Physical health and wellbeing plays a large part. To maximise chances of conceiving men should pay attention to their diet, fitness and weight. Eating well, exercising regularly and staying a healthy size are all important when it comes to fertility.

Cut down on alcohol consumption and stop smoking. Smoking is a huge factor in sperm health, as well as almost every other area of health.

Did you know that the electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices like your cell phone can damage your sperm? This is especially relevant if the phone is carried in the front trouser pocket or on a belt. You can find out more about mobile phone radiation here and read up on all the different studies.

So in the meantime, make sure you stay fit and healthy, cut the tobacco and reduce alcohol, and protect your body with the WaveWall anti-radiation mobile phone case.

How far would you go for a cure to male infertility? Or, what would you do to prevent it from happening in the first place?

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Mobile phones and the masts behind them

Concern over the health risks of mobile phone masts was almost constantly in the news in the later 2000s and still every so often a new study will come out, or a protest will be made, or a newspaper article written, that reignites the flame.

Whether the “cancer clusters” are real or anecdotal, whether local people suffer from the ill effects of electromagnetic fields, whether mobile phone masts should be built near schools, whether residents should be able to protest proposals on health grounds, all the points of view get rehashed. The mobile phone industry will insist that there is no danger but meanwhile studies are still ongoing and campaigns against the masts and their locations continue.

Mobile phone and telecoms masts

Community fears and big companies facing off against one another are nothing new. There are plenty of journalists who just want a juicy story and not to worry too much about the details. So the whole thing can end up feeling like a circus, a pantomime, pure entertainment.

A distraction, in many ways, from a similar danger much closer to home – the phone those masts serve and that we carry around with us all day.

Mobile phones and their masts

Mobile phones emit that same electromagnetic radiation in order to communicate with the cell phone towers. When sending or receiving data, making or taking calls, searching for signal. The same process is happening on an individual basis, right in our hands or in our pockets.

There is increasing evidence of the damage the electromagnetic radiation can do to our bodies, particularly to men and their fertility. Being kept so long so close to sensitive tissue makes mobile phones themselves a very different matter than the towers they rely on.

Unlike with mobile phone masts there are easier solutions. A WaveWall case blocks up to 85% of the radiation from mobile phones, without affecting its use. With a great variety of colours to choose from and a sleek design, they are a lot better looking than mobile phone masts too.

Would you object to a mobile phone mast being built next to your home or child’s school?

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A Life Avoiding Electronics

Every day we pass through countless different types of electromagnetic fields and their radiation. Almost all modern electronics emit some level of electromagnetic frequency and it is the science behind wireless communications for cell phones and wifi.

For some people this is a serious problem. Cases of electromagnetic hypersensitivity are on the rise. Sufferers can get headaches, rashes, nausea and even lose consciousness – which they believe is triggered by electromagnetic frequencies. While the condition remains unproven officially, with doctors and scientists unsure of its causes, this super-sensitivity can lead to people taking all sorts of extreme measures to avoid any kind of electrical interference, including renovating their house, stripping out their electronics, or moving and settling in towns or places without telecoms or radio.

Cabin in the woods

That might seem like an extreme case, and hopefully for most people it is. The legitimacy of electromagnetic hypersensitivity might still be in question but there are an increasing amount of studies showing the effects of mobile phone radiation, particularly on male fertility.

What makes mobile phones particularly worrying is the way we use them. What other device do you press to your face, maybe even for hours at a time? Do you carry a microwave or wifi router in your trouser pocket all day? The amount of time we spend with our phones, using them and keeping them on us, the way phones are in constant contact with the mobile network or wifi, makes them unique among all our appliances. And all that convenience might be coming at a price.

There are ways to reduce the dangers of mobile phone radiation that don’t include moving to a low-tech cabin in the woods. An anti-radiation phone case like WaveWall blocks 85% of electromagnetic radiation while allowing you to use your phone normally.

Do you fancy moving to a cabin in the woods?

Would you be able to cope not using any electrical appliances?

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