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Can phone radiation cause headaches?

Mobile phone radiation keeps our phones working but it also has some pretty serious side effects. More and more people are looking at the effects mobile phones are having on their health. Can phone radiation cause headaches? Is this something to be worried about? Some people experience an extreme reaction to electromagnetic fields. This can…

What can phone radiation do to you?

Phone radiation is powerful stuff. It allows our little devices to send and receive messages from cell phone towers that can be many miles away. Maintaining this connection to the network requires a lot of effort from our phones. While it does so, what can phone radiation do to you?  Phones emit an electromagnetic field…

Anti-radiation phone cases for iPhone 6 mobiles

In the world of mobile phones 2014 seems like an age ago. But it was the year the iPhone 6 debuted and it has been going strong ever since. It’s still a very popular phone loved by millions.

What about phone cases for iPhone 6 phones? Unfortunately, they haven’t kept up with the times. 

Your Best EMF Protection

In modern life we are never far from an electromagnetic field. All electrical devices emit one, and one device very close to our hearts – and our bodies – the mobile phone, emits one of the strongest of all. And it may be doing us a whole lot of harm. How can we avoid it, and what will your best EMF protection be?