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WaveWall’s Anti Radiation Phone Case Masterpost

When you start looking at mobile radiation and all these issues it can be a lot to take in. So here’s WaveWall’s anti radiation phone case masterpost to quickly give you the lowdown on everything you need to know.

The science of EMF and mobile radiation

It might seem like a lot of jargon being thrown around but the concepts are actually easy to understand. Wireless technology including mobile phones use EMF, a form of radiation. That radiation can damage our bodies.

Research on male infertility

More and more research is being released that shows a link between mobile phones and rising levels of male infertility. We have a big list on Mobile phone radiation explained.

And other health issues

Other health problems caused by mobile phone radiation include cancers, tumours, and child development issues.

The problems with some mobile radiation studies

What are the mobile phone industry doing about this?

How WaveWall can help with an anti radiation phone case

WaveWall’s range of anti radiation phone cases protect you from EMF and mobile radiation.

See our anti radiation phone case products and keep up to date with our blog.


A universal cover for iPhone 5S phone cases

Last week we talked about finding the best iPhone 5 covers, but what about iPhone 5S phone cases? That’s the clever thing about the WaveWall Universal – it fits all the big makes and models. Just choose between the two screen sizes and you have a great fitting phone cover to rival any iPhone 5S phone cases. With lots of great extra features.

What kind of extra features?

First and foremost: protection from mobile phone radiation that can cause cancers, tumours and male infertility. Mobile phones are surrounded by radiation going about six inches around the phone. That radiation passes through the body and when it does it can kill and damage cells and DNA.

Mutations in cells is what causes tumours and cancers. Plus, mobile phone radiation can kill and damage sperm. And a lot of men spend a lot of their day with their phones within six inches of their privates. This leads to sperm being battered by mobile phone radiation. It’s an effect some scientists described as “cooking” sperm.

But a mobile phone case from WaveWall has innovative anti-radiation fabric that shields the body from mobile phone radiation. It deflects up to 86% of radiation and stops it from reaching the body.

Plus the WaveWall Universal is so easy to fit to your phone, including the iPhone 5S. It even has a section for your debit or credit cards, travel pass or whatever you need to take out with you regularly. It looks great with a stylish design and animal-friendly faux-leather.

The WaveWall Universal is all you need as an iPhone 5S phone case – protecting your phone and you.

Are you looking for iPhone 5S phone cases? Did you know you could find a case that protected your phone and you?

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Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash


An iPhone 5 cover to protect your phone and you

The iPhone 5 may no longer be on the cutting edge but it’s still an incredibly popular phone. Prices can run upwards of £90 so a lot of us want to protect our investment with an iPhone 5 cover. But did you know you need protection from your phone too? And an iPhone 5 phone cover from WaveWall can help.

So what’s all this about needing protection from your phone?

Did you know that mobile phones emit radiation? Almost all electrical devices emit at least a little electromagnetic radiation. But mobile phones emit a lot, that’s what allows the phone to communicate with the network. It forms a field about six inches all around the phone. And that’s whenever the phone is switched on, not just when you are actively using it.

This radiation, like the related X-ray, can pass through the body. And an increasing number of scientific studies and medical research has shown that it damages DNA and cells when it does.

Damage to cells and DNA can cause cancers, tumours and even male infertility. The World Health Organisation categorised mobile phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” – acknowledging their ability to cause cancer.

Male infertility is also linked to mobile phones in many studies. One study even said mobile phone radiation was “cooking” sperm. The radiation damages the sperm to kill, corrupt or weaken them so that they are not viable and unable to fertilise an egg. Male infertility is on the rise all over the world and mobile phones may be a serious part of the problem.

So WaveWall developed a range of anti-radiation mobile phone cases. The cases block mobile phone radiation from reaching the body. So if you are in the market for an iPhone 5 cover, get one that won’t just protect your phone, but that will protect you too.


What is an anti-radiation phone case and why do you need one?

You might not know this about your mobile phone, but it works by using a kind of radiation called electromagnetic radiation. It’s an electromagnetic frequency and creates an electromagnetic field – often called EMF. All electrical devices create a bit of EMF as a byproduct but mobile phones rely on that radiation to work. It’s what creates the antenna and is used to send data and information to the mobile phone network.

Like its electromagnetic cousin the X-ray, this form of radiation can pass through our bodies. And like X-rays, it can cause damage when it does. That damage led to mobile phones getting a 2C rating from the World Health Organisation – “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. Carcinogenic, meaning can cause cancer. When mobile phone radiation or X-rays pass through the body they can damage and disrupt cells and DNA. This damage can cause the mutations that cause cancers and tumours.

Another place mobile phones can wreak havoc and damage DNA and cells is especially sensitive. For men, mobile phone radiation can kill and damage sperm, leading to male infertility.

Mobile phone radiation has been linked to male infertility in many studies and new ones are being carried out all the time. Some scientists said it was as if mobile phone radiation “cooked” sperm.

An anti-radiation phone case is starting to look pretty good right now, huh?

And that’s exactly what WaveWall cases do. An anti-radiation phone case that uses innovative technology to block mobile phone radiation – up to 85% of the EMF from your phone – and shield the body.

Did you know about your phone and mobile radiation? Would you use an anti-radiation phone case to protect yourself?

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What you didn’t know your iPhone case should do

Our iPhones are an integral part of our lives. For most of us they are only an arm’s reach away throughout the day. So shouldn’t they be more useful, more of the time?

IPhones are a bit notorious for their easily cracked screen. With repairs costing up to £100 or more it is to be avoided at all costs. But if you think that’s all your iPhone case is good for, think again.

Your iPhone case could act as a wallet or purse as well. More and more people are using Apple Pay and their phone is their wallet, so use your iPhone case as a wallet too.

Your iPhone case can even protect your bank cards and data in the same way it protects your iPhone. RFID shielding on an iPhone case like the WaveWall Universal blocks devices from scanning your cards when out and about.

Most importantly, your iPhone case should be protecting you against the increasing threat of cancer, tumours and male infertility that comes from your phone. That’s right, mobile phones and the radiation they create have been found in more and more medical and scientific studies to be responsible for tumours, cancer and infertility.

An Italian court found a man’s mobile phone responsible for a brain tumour that meant he lost hearing in one ear. Some experts described mobile phone radiation as “cooking” sperm. The news has been full of apocalyptic stories about falling fertility levels.

The WaveWall Universal has special anti-radiation fabric that shields the body from mobile phone radiation that causes tumours, cancer and male infertility. It doesn’t affect how you use your iPhone and it fits all different makes and models. Just choose between two sizes based on the screen size of your phone.

The WaveWall Universal is an iPhone case that does more.


The problems your phone causes at night

For many people the furthest their phone is away from them is when they are doing something phone-unfriendly, like taking a shower. Even then there are gadgets that will let you take your phone in the shower or bath with you.

Last week we talked about keeping your phone close and the issues that can cause, both mental and physical. Mobile phone-related anxiety disorders are on the rise, addiction and other problems that challenge how embedded phones are in our lives and as a conduit to other issues like social media addiction, 24/7 news broadcasting doom and gloom, stress and overwork. Then on the physical side – how mobile phone radiation is linked to tumours, cancer and male infertility and how keeping our phones close puts us at risk.

That article missed out a big chunk of our daily lives with our phones. About a third, in fact: the 8 hours a night we spend sleeping. Or should be sleeping. And your phone plays a big part in that too.

Often, to help us relax and nod off, we use our phones in bed to read. But in fact it has the opposite effect. The phone’s screen emits blue light that is similar to sunlight and it is sunlight our bodies use to regulate our body clock, the circadian rhythm. So exposing yourself to the blue light from the mobile phone makes your body think it is still getting sunlight, so it must be daytime, so the melatonin sleep hormone should not be produced. So we stay awake and don’t get sleepy.

It is the same effect as jet lag, putting your body at odds with the actual time. It leads to shorter, broken night’s sleep and results in sleep deprivation where we are moody, irritable and clumsy the next day, more accident prone and less able to concentrate.

Over time sleep deprivation can build to a sleep disorder or regular insomnia and the health effects go beyond feeling drowsy the next day. The mind needs time to decompress in sleep so a lack of sleep leads to stress, depression and anxiety. The physical body needs the respite of sleep and not getting enough causes diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

You can avoid all the side effects of blue light with a blue light filter from WaveWall. It filters the blue light so it doesn’t send confusing signals to your brain and body and doesn’t stop you from falling asleep. The anti blue light filter is easy to apply to your screen and keeps the phone safe from scratches too. Don’t let your mobile interrupt your night’s sleep, use a WaveWall anti blue light filter.

Where do you keep your mobile phone when you sleep? Do you use it last thing at night, or during the night?

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Is EMF Exposure Killing the Bees?

The decline of the bee population is causing concern all over the world – and mobile phones could be to blame. How is it happening, and what does it mean for us?

We have talked about electromagnetic radiation a lot on the blog – you can get up to speed here if you have missed any of the background. Everything gives off an electromagnetic frequency, all electronics have an electromagnetic field and mobile phones use an electromagnetic field of varying strength to communicate with the network, as do other wireless technologies.

The massive explosion in wifi, Bluetooth and mobile phones have created an “electromagnetic smog” that is alarming experts for all sorts of reasons.

At the same time the bee population has been declining all over the world. This is a much bigger problem than it might sound at first as bees do a massive amount of work for us in pollinating crops and other plants.

It has been estimated that if humans had to pay for this work to be done it would cost trillions. We don’t have the technology for it in any case. And if you have watched the latest episode of Black Mirror you will be glad we don’t have the technology for artificial bees.

So how do the two connect? Bees are incredibly susceptible to electromagnetic fields. Scientists in Switzerland subjected them to the electromagnetic frequencies from mobile phones and the bees abandoned their hive. Multiple studies have shown the same thing – bees cannot function properly under the extreme blanket of EMF that we have created. They get confused, they leave hives and ultimately die.

Not only is the declining bee population causing big problems for us but mobile phones and EMF exposure has side effects for humans too.

Some people have extreme cases of electromagnetic hypersensitivity that can give them fainting spells, nausea, migraines and palpitations. For the rest of us, even if we don’t notice it, living with EMF exposure and mobile phone radiation can cause cancer, tumours and male infertility.

WaveWall products protect you from mobile phone radiation and EMF exposure. WaveWall cases block 85% of radiation from reaching your body and the innovative Airtubes stop radiation from travelling to your brain along normal headphone wires. What is happening to the bees is a problem we have yet to figure out but you can protect yourself and your family now with WaveWall.

Do you think EMF exposure could be killing bees? What could it be doing to humans? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below!


EMF Exposure and You

EMF is all around us. We move through clouds of it – and many other electromagnetic frequencies like radio waves – every day. So what does this EMF exposure do to us?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field and you can read more about what that is and how it works in our previous blog posts on the subject.

While many people will say that EMF exposure is harmless there is mounting evidence from scientific and medical studies showing many different side effects and health concerns from EMF.

One issue with tracking the effect EMF exposure has on us is that it has only been around for a relatively short time. Long term effects are impossible to see using only short term data. Mobile phones – which we will see are probably the biggest single source of EMF exposure for most people – have been around an even shorter time.

Children today can expect to spend their whole lives in close contact with an EMF emitting device. How that might affect their health is impossible to tell right now as we just don’t have the data.

In extreme cases electromagnetic hypersensitivity can cause people to radically change their lives attempting to avoid EMF exposure. They suffer heart palpitations, tinnitus, fainting, nausea and more.

They certainly could not have a mobile phone. Phones rely on EMF to work, it is how they connect to the network. The EMF from phones fluctuates – it is strongest when the phone is searching for reception and a better connection. It is also stronger when the phone is being charged.

Add in how we keep our phones in close contact with us all day long – often for hours and hours well within the six inches of the electromagnetic field. Men are especially vulnerable in their most sensitive area: exposure to EMF is being linked in study after study to declining fertility rates.

Experts have described the effects of EMF as being like “cooking” sperm. EMF exposure from mobile phones is also linked to cancer and brain tumours.

To protect you from EMF exposure the WaveWall range of mobile phone cases cut mobile phone radiation by 85% using special shielding technology. Your body is shielded but your phone can be used normally so you get the best of both worlds.

Are you concerned about EMF exposure?

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Animal study shows link between mobile phones and cancer

Researchers at the National Toxicology Program, part of the National Institute of Health in the United States, have undertaken a huge animal testing study that shows a link between mobile phone radiation and cancer in rats.

A release of partial findings (available in PDF here) shows the very thorough and careful set up of the experiment. Radio frequencies were matched to comparable levels that human heavy mobile phone users would experience. The rats were subjected to these levels for nine hours a day and their progress monitored – even before being born. The whole body was exposed – not just the head – to reflect the way people carry their phone around their body and don’t just use it for calls.

The results showed the development of rare cancers in both the brains and hearts of the rats. As the radiation they were exposed to increased so did the incidences of tumours. None of the control rats, who were not exposed to any radiation, developed any tumours.

Especially troubling is that these results echo findings in other studies on humans that have shown the same types of rare tumours and cancers occurring.

Another area of concern – though not covered in this study – is the issues mobile phone radiation can cause with male infertility. WaveWall’s anti-radiation phone case blocks 85% of radiation from reaching the body and gives protection from these electromagnetic frequencies that cause infertility and cancers as shown in this latest study.

For extra protection around the head WaveWall has also launched its new Airtubes headphones. Even if using an anti-radiation case when you plug headphones in the radiation can be transmitted along the wires to the brain. The innovative Airtubes headphones stop the radiation in its tracks by getting rid of the wires – the tubes are hollow and the radiation cannot pass through. It puts a safe distance between your phone and your brain.

Are you concerned by these latest findings?

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Does your mobile phone rule your life?

There’s no doubt that our phones are incredibly useful and massively popular devices. But to an alien visitor it might look as though our phones are controlling us rather than the other way around. If you’ve ever felt that way here are some tricks and tips to restoring the balance.

A digital detox is becoming more and more popular as people try to wrestle back some time without their phones. It could be one day a week, a whole holiday, or just long enough to watch a film or eat dinner without checking your phone. You might want to combine it with a break from computers and TV as well.

It can quickly become obvious how much attention our phones take. Even when concentrating on something else that little ping from a notification is always there to demand our time and even when it isn’t going off we are always anticipating it in the back of our minds.

If you are concerned someone might need to get hold of you in a real emergency, have a profile or setting that only rings for certain numbers and leaves everything else on silent. Then put your phone to one side and try not to check it.

Don’t let your mobile interrupt your sleep patterns. Studies have shown that the blue light from our phone screens tricks the body into thinking it is daylight and it should be awake – which can be a serious problem if you indulge in some late night phone use.

A WaveWall Sleep screen protector doubles as a blue light filter to stop your phone disrupting your sleep – an issue which can cause stress, depression, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Mobile phones could also be contributing to one of the biggest global health concerns right now – male infertility. Research has shown the electromagnetic field mobiles use can pass through the body and affect the development of sperm in an effect some experts described as “cooking” them.

WaveWall cases block 85% of radiation from entering the body while leaving the phone unaffected. So you don’t need to detox full time to protect your health.

Do you sometimes feel like your mobile rules your life? What could you do about it?

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