Refer a Friend

Our Refer a Friend programme makes it easy for you to recommend WaveWall to your friends. They get a 10% discount and so do you! For each person you refer, you’ll receive a WaveWall store credit coupon worth 10% of their order. For example…

Your refer your friend, called Jim. He clicks on your referral link and spends £50 on our site. He’ll get a 10% discount at checkout, bringing his total down to £45. You’ll then receive a coupon worth £4.50 to your email. 

You can save your referral coupons up and use them together to get a free product, or you can use them on new orders as you earn them. Your earned discounts don’t expire so you can use them whenever you like.

Your friends get a great 10% discount and you get money off your next WaveWall purchase! It’s a fantastic way for you to spread the word. 

Our customers have been such an important part of spreading the word about WaveWall and our mission. So now we’ve made it easier, and added a thank you discount for you too. 

Using our referral programme

You’ll need to have an account with WaveWall to refer friends. You can either do this during checkout or by following this registration link.

Once you’ve logged in, go to the Refer a Friend page in My Account. There, you’ll find a unique referral link. You can share it via social media, email or any method you like! It will take your friends directly to WaveWall and apply the discount code automatically. They have to use that link in order to get the discount code and for you to get your credit coupon. 

When your friends make their purchase we can see it came from your link. We’ll send you an email with the store credit of 10% of the total your friend spent. You can use this credit straight away on your next purchase, or save up and get a product for free. Just enter your coupon details at the checkout.