Is laptop heat bad for you?

Is laptop heat bad for you?

Is laptop heat bad for you? If you’ve ever felt the heat from a laptop and wondered if it was actually a good idea to have that in your lap… you’d be right. And laptops give off much more than just heat.

So let’s have a look at the heat from laptops, what else laptops radiate, and what you can do about it.

Is laptop heat bad for you?

Have you ever had second thoughts about putting a laptop in your lap because of the heat it was kicking out? That’s a good instinct to have.

Depending on your laptop’s make, model, design, and age, it might give off more or less heat. In order to keep laptops slim they often don’t have sufficiently sized – or any – fans. Cooling technology can be expensive and unable to keep up with the heat the laptop is putting out.

Older laptops can give off a lot of heat as they whir away, working harder at the edge of their abilities. Very powerful laptops pushing their limits can also get very hot. And depending on the make and model they can be designed differently, affecting the heat. Some get much hotter when being charged.

So what? Is laptop heat bad for you though? Yes, it can be.

Laptop heat can cause skin irritation and burns – you don’t have to get too much hotter than normal to burn your skin. Ever seen redness on your skin after having your laptop in your lap? That’s not a good sign.

It’s not good for the laptop either. Excess heat can damage sensitive components.

Plus, for men, they have some very important equipment in their lap other than their computer. Sperm that are being produced in the very same place are very sensitive to environmental effects – including being too hot. If your lap is overheating due to your laptop then your sperm are too. There’s truth to the old wive’s tale of boxers over briefs. So heat in your lap can damage sperm which damages your fertility.

More than just laptop heat

The thing is, heat is just one of the symptoms of a laptop in use. It’s a very noticeable side effect of using your laptop but is far from the only one.

Like heat, your laptop also produces electromagnetic radiation. All electrical devices do. But electromagnetic radiation is a key feature of WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Those technologies are electromagnetic fields.

While you can feel the heat you can’t feel, see, or hear electromagnetic radiation. But it can pass through your body and do damage just like heat. Just like other forms of electromagnetic radiation such as X rays.

What can you do about laptop heat?

If your laptop is too hot for comfort you could upgrade to one with better fans and cooling. If the heat has come on suddenly you might have a fault in your laptop that needs looking at. The fans and vents can be cleaned by yourself or a professional to make sure it’s all working efficiently. You can also add cooling gel, a heat sink, or other cooling technology. Or invest in a cooling pad, or stand with fans.

That might cool your laptop down but is unlikely to completely eliminate the heat. And if won’t do anything about the electromagnetic radiation coming off your laptop along with the heat.

WaveWall blocks electromagnetic radiation by up to 85% and the two laptop products work on heat too. The WaveWall Laptop is an anti-radiation case that you can use to transport and protect your laptop. When using your laptop put it on top of the case to block radiation and heat. The WaveWall Pad is a protective shield – a pad to sit between you and your laptop.

So heed the warning your laptop heat is giving you and get protection.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash