Is there cell phone radiation in airplane mode?

Is there cell phone radiation in airplane mode?

If you want to avoid cell phone radiation a common piece of advice is to put your phone on airplane mode, or flight mode. But is there cell phone radiation in airplane mode?

What is airplane mode?

Airplane mode cuts external communication with your cell phone. It’s a shortcut that you can press and your phone will switch off its network, WiFi, data, GPS, and Bluetooth. So it cuts connectivity.

Originally – and the reason this is called airplane or flight mode – this was a requirement on airplanes. It’s also sometimes a requirement in hospitals, on petrol station forecourts, and other sensitive places.

Increasingly though people are using airplane mode to moderate their phone use, or conserve battery.

Is there cell phone radiation in airplane mode?

Your phone’s connectivity is responsible for the majority of the cell phone radiation it creates. The signal to and from the network or WiFi is the main electromagnetic field we refer to with phones. It is powerful and passes through the body – studies increasingly show the damage it can do including tumours, cancers, and male infertility.

But the phone – like all electrical appliances – produces its own cell phone radiation. Any electric powered device or appliance does – hairdryers, TVs, anything that is powered. This is much smaller and more localised than phone networks or WiFi.

So even in airplane mode your phone will put out a small amount of cell phone radiation.

Cuts cell phone radiation, but you can’t use your phone

Our phones are used for a lot more than calls nowadays, but that’s still a big part of what they do. Along with text messages, connecting to the network, using data, and accessing WiFi. Most apps and games require an active connection.

So putting your phone on airplane mode all day isn’t an option for people who do need to take and make calls, use their apps, and so on. If you kept your phone on airplane mode all the time you might as well just buy a watch and get rid of the phone!

There’s a happy medium that doesn’t involve your phone just being an expensive time-telling brick, but also avoiding cell phone radiation.

Avoid cell phone radiation without airplane mode

Use airplane mode – or switch your phone off – whenever you don’t need it. Rather than setting it to silent at the cinema and so on, just switch it off. For mealtimes and watching TV at home with your family, challenge yourself to switch off your phone or leave it in another room. This can be difficult – we check our phones a lot more than we might realise! But it’s a great habit to get into. You get some space from your phone and are more present in the moment.

When you do need to use your phone – but want to avoid cell phone radiation – try an anti-radiation phone case. WaveWall’s range of shielding phone cases and covers for your iPad or laptop block up to 87% of cell phone radiation from reaching your body. And you can use your device as normal!

Photo by Tim Dennert on Unsplash