Phone radiation near testicles

Phone radiation near testicles

What’s the worry about getting phone radiation near testicles? Most of what you’ll hear about mobile phones is to do with cancers and tumours.

Phone radiation near testicles: what’s the problem?

We can’t afford to be squeamish here. Male infertility is a growing problem all over the world. Talking about it gets the newspapers imagining the apocalypse. And it causes heartbreak to would-be parents who struggle to conceive. It’s a problem that affects individuals and couples but it concerns all of humanity.

So anything to do with male infertility needs to be talked about. One of the lesser known factors is mobile phone radiation. But study after study shows a link between mobile phone radiation and male infertility.

This is because mobile phone radiation passes through the body – just like other electromagnetic frequencies like X-rays. And like X-rays this radiation can damage cells and DNA.

>Which means that when phone radiation gets near testicles – when a phone is kept in the front trouser pocket or on a belt, for example – this mobile phone reaction can damage sperm.

Sperm are vulnerable. There are lots of factors that can affect the development of sperm from genetics to diet, pesticides in food, and even tight shorts – yes, the rumours are true. Sperm are manufactured constantly and need perfect conditions.

Science on what happens with phone radiation near testicles

So what happens when that phone radiation is near the testicles and sperm get zapped?

Mobile phone radiation has been found to affect sperm in three ways:

Firstly, sperm motility. This is how well sperm can move. Sperm need to be able to swim straight and for quite the distance. Find out more about the effects of mobile radiation on sperm motility.

Secondly, sperm viability. This is the rating of which sperm can produce a viable conception. It can include whether sperm are alive or dead, but also if they have defects that would prevent a successful fertilisation. Find out more about how scientific studies show mobile phones negatively affect sperm viability.

Thirdly, sperm count. This is sometimes used as an overall umbrella term for male fertility. Specifically it means the amount of sperm in the semen. On average this is between 20-40 million sperm per millilitre. Which is a lot, admittedly. But this is a numbers game. A “low sperm count” is under 15m/ml. 20m/ml used to be considered low but the averages are falling by 1-2% a year, so the goalposts have been moved. Find out more about the effects of mobile phones on sperm count.

Mobile phone radiation has also been found to affect the hormone testosterone, which is essential for making sperm. 

What can you do about phone radiation near your testicles and the damage mobile phone radiation can do to sperm?

WaveWall’s range of anti-radiation mobile phone cases block up to 87% of mobile phone radiation. Find out how. “Mobile radiation” also applies to WiFi and Bluetooth, and your laptop and iPad attract and put out this radiation too. So there’s also a laptop case, iPad case, and laptop pad.

Photo by Courtney Clayton on Unsplash