What electromagnetic waves do mobile phones use?

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It’s time to get into some science here on WaveWall as we answer the question, “what electromagnetic waves do mobile phones use?” We talk a lot about electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) because they are the main way a mobile phone works and connects to the network. You can’t have mobile phones without them.

We also know, through many studies over many years, that EMFs from mobile phones, or mobile phone radiation, damages the body and is especially linked to male infertility.

But what electromagnetic waves do mobile phones use, exactly?

Cast your mind back to science lessons at school and you might remember that there is a spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies.

You can get deeper into the science on the Wikipedia page but here’s the gist of it. There’s gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, microwaves, radio waves, and long radio waves.

At a higher frequency they get dangerous to people, known as “ionising radiation.” Ultraviolet burns your skin in sunlight. X-rays have health and safety warning. We know too much exposure can cause mutations in the body that lead to tumours and cancers. There are protections in place for people who need x-rays and people who work around them,

X-rays were first properly studied and understood in 1895 but had been noticed for a while before. They started being used in 1896. They were also available outside the medical field at first – you could get yourself x-rayed at a fair for fun. That’s over 100 years ago and the idea of unnecessary x-rays is horrifying to us now.

Can you see how this relates to mobile phone radiation? Mobile phones have only been around for a few decades. Widespread adoption didn’t start until into the 21st century. The iPhone only just had its tenth birthday. We understand what electromagnetic waves mobile phones use. But have we had time to fully understand all the effects they might cause?

Just like protection from x-rays or ultraviolet, you can protect yourself from mobile phone radiation. WaveWall anti-radiation cases are scientifically proven to block 85% of radiation making it to your body from your phone.