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Why does your mobile phone case need EMF protection?

WaveWall has a great range of innovative anti-radiation products, from a mobile phone case to earphones. But why?

The first WaveWall mobile phone case was developed to tackle a growing problem: how mobile phone radiation is linked to male infertility. With fertility rates plummeting all over the world, this is a huge issue and one that is only getting scarier.

How can a mobile phone cause male fertility?

Sperm are constantly developing, they take about six weeks to form and new ones are growing all the time. Unlike women, who are born with all the eggs they will ever use in their lifetime. So while sperm levels are in part genetic they are also vulnerable to short term issues.

One of those is mobile phone use. Mobile phones use a kind of radiation called an electromagnetic frequency to communicate with the network. The electromagnetic radiation forms a field around the phone – about six inches all around. And it can pass through the body, so whenever you are within six inches of your phone the EMF is passing through you.

EMF radiation can damage and disrupt cells and DNA in the body. And what vulnerable cells and DNA are developing very close to where a lot of men keep their phones in their front pockets?

This is also why mobile phone radiation is linked to cancers and tumours – the damage it does to cells, causing them to form abnormally. With sperm it can affect their speed and strength, damage them and even kill them. Mobile phone radiation also affects the male hormone testosterone.

But you can protect your body from the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation. A mobile phone case from WaveWall has an innovative anti-radiation layer that shields the body from EMF. So you can continue to use your phone normally, with EMF protection.


The flip phone case versus plummeting sperm counts

The flip phone, once the height of cool, has largely gone the way of the dinosaurs. And according to recent reports humanity might be doing the same – with plummeting sperm counts across the globe. The flip phone case lives on, with its convenient flip out design. And it might even help with the second problem too.

Whether you still think a flip out phone was the coolest thing or just prefer the convenience and ease of use of a flip phone case, you can appreciate the cleverly crafted WaveWall Flip. And it has a hidden superpower. Within the case is innovative anti-radiation fabric that blocks 85% of mobile phone radiation from reaching the body.

Mobile phone radiation has been shown in many studies – with new ones coming out all the time – to cause male infertility. And it has also been found responsible for cancers and tumours. The World Health Organisation rated mobile phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. Meaning that they could cause cancer.

Mobile phone radiation is the energy field that surrounds the phone about six inches all around. It can pass through the body, and when it does it can damage cells and DNA.

Where do a lot of men keep their mobile phone all day? In their front pocket or on a belt. And what’s within six inches of there? That’s where the male infertility comes in. Because sperm are developing and growing constantly they are especially at risk. Damage to their cells and DNA can kill them, make them weak or defective, and unable to do their job.

So if you love a good flip phone case for its ease of use, make sure you get one that protects you as well as your phone.


An iPhone 5 cover to protect your phone and you

The iPhone 5 may no longer be on the cutting edge but it’s still an incredibly popular phone. Prices can run upwards of £90 so a lot of us want to protect our investment with an iPhone 5 cover. But did you know you need protection from your phone too? And an iPhone 5 phone cover from WaveWall can help.

So what’s all this about needing protection from your phone?

Did you know that mobile phones emit radiation? Almost all electrical devices emit at least a little electromagnetic radiation. But mobile phones emit a lot, that’s what allows the phone to communicate with the network. It forms a field about six inches all around the phone. And that’s whenever the phone is switched on, not just when you are actively using it.

This radiation, like the related X-ray, can pass through the body. And an increasing number of scientific studies and medical research has shown that it damages DNA and cells when it does.

Damage to cells and DNA can cause cancers, tumours and even male infertility. The World Health Organisation categorised mobile phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” – acknowledging their ability to cause cancer.

Male infertility is also linked to mobile phones in many studies. One study even said mobile phone radiation was “cooking” sperm. The radiation damages the sperm to kill, corrupt or weaken them so that they are not viable and unable to fertilise an egg. Male infertility is on the rise all over the world and mobile phones may be a serious part of the problem.

So WaveWall developed a range of anti-radiation mobile phone cases. The cases block mobile phone radiation from reaching the body. So if you are in the market for an iPhone 5 cover, get one that won’t just protect your phone, but that will protect you too.


What is an anti-radiation phone case and why do you need one?

You might not know this about your mobile phone, but it works by using a kind of radiation called electromagnetic radiation. It’s an electromagnetic frequency and creates an electromagnetic field – often called EMF. All electrical devices create a bit of EMF as a byproduct but mobile phones rely on that radiation to work. It’s what creates the antenna and is used to send data and information to the mobile phone network.

Like its electromagnetic cousin the X-ray, this form of radiation can pass through our bodies. And like X-rays, it can cause damage when it does. That damage led to mobile phones getting a 2C rating from the World Health Organisation – “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. Carcinogenic, meaning can cause cancer. When mobile phone radiation or X-rays pass through the body they can damage and disrupt cells and DNA. This damage can cause the mutations that cause cancers and tumours.

Another place mobile phones can wreak havoc and damage DNA and cells is especially sensitive. For men, mobile phone radiation can kill and damage sperm, leading to male infertility.

Mobile phone radiation has been linked to male infertility in many studies and new ones are being carried out all the time. Some scientists said it was as if mobile phone radiation “cooked” sperm.

An anti-radiation phone case is starting to look pretty good right now, huh?

And that’s exactly what WaveWall cases do. An anti-radiation phone case that uses innovative technology to block mobile phone radiation – up to 85% of the EMF from your phone – and shield the body.

Did you know about your phone and mobile radiation? Would you use an anti-radiation phone case to protect yourself?

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