What is EMF radiation?

Beloved of sci-fi post-apocalyptic stories is the electromagnetic pulse that will fry all the world’s electronics and send us back to a technological pre-Industrial age. That’s because all electrical devices emit electromagnetic radiation as a by-product. Some, like microwaves, also use other types and do so deliberately – literally microwaves.

Mobile phones also depend on electromagnetism to work properly. The wireless part of the phone, how it communicates with the network, uses electromagnetic frequencies. The by-product then is lots and lots of electromagnetic radiation. Not just when you are making a call or sending a text, but every moment the phone is switched on.

Mobiles are constantly in touch with the network – ready to receive a call, searching for signal, sending data, checking for updates and so on. It’s part of what makes them so convenient and useful. Unfortunately this EMF radiation is also part of what makes them so dangerous.

The electromagnetism spreads about six inches around the phone and is much more intense close to the device. This is called an electromagnetic field and you probably spend a good part of your day inside one. Remember – it’s not just your hands and head when you are on a call. It’s any part of your body whenever your phone is on.

For men who carry their phone in their front pocket or on their belt it includes the reproductive area. For some women who might tuck their phone into their bra it includes the sensitive soft tissues of the breast.

There are warnings tucked into the small print of phone manuals about EMF radiation but most of us don’t see them and phone manufacturers are happy to let them stay hidden. Those warnings will say to keep a slight distance between the phone and the body, at least a few millimetres. The manufacturers deny that this can cause any problems.

But more and more scientific and medical studies are finding increasing levels of brain cancer and other cancers associated with mobile phones caused by EMF radiation. EMF radiation is increasingly seen as responsible for plummeting levels of male fertility as sperm “cook” all day in the electromagnetic field of mobile phones.

Which is why WaveWall has a range of EMF protection products so you can keep using your mobile phone in safety. There are EMF blocking cases for a huge range of different phones and EMF shielding headphones too.

Did you know about the dangers of EMF radiation?

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